Are you a huge soccer fan and looking for new ways to make cash? Then why don’t you combine your love of football with gambling to earn some extra money! In this guide, we are going to show you how to identify winning football bets and scale your hobby into a decent income stream. With these tips, you will be able to find the perfect game to wager on and give yourself a great shot at winning!

Which Football Side Leads The Head To Head Record

You can find an incredible amount of football statistics and while most aren’t useful at predicting match results there is one that is particularly powerful, head to head record. Before you place money on a certain football team you should check out the head-to-head record between the two sides and dig deeper and find out why one side has performed better than the other. When using the head-to-head record to inform your wagers make sure you only consider the most recent games when the current lineups were similar otherwise it may be misleading. Even though spending hours on research does not sound like a lot of fun, it will help you to avoid silly mistakes and lose money.

Who Is Injured?

In football, the injury to a key player can completely change the odds of a game. You always need to stay up to date with lineup changes and make sure your team has all of its star players. Would you still place your money on Leicester City without Jamie Vardy? As you dedicate more time to the niche, you will become more skilled and need less time to do the research. If you are just starting, we highly recommend you not to rush and study the players well.

Which Football Side Is In Form And Which Side Has Been Struggling?

In football one side is always considered the favorite usually based on the star power on their roster and their performance last year. However, sportsbooks are often a little too quick to discount recent form and how a side has played over the last couple of weeks. You can make great value wagers by finding underdogs that are playing above their potential especially when they have home field advantage against a favorite who has not been at their best in their previous games.
To identify a team that is in fine form, you should check out a few of their previous games and keep an eye on the amount of attacking opportunities they have, their passing, positioning, and defensive play. By looking at these aspects of the game you will know when a team is looking good.

Are Both Teams Motivated?

In football matches, teams are not always motivated and do not always try 100% to secure victory. Due to lack of motivation, weak sides can upset big-time teams. You should always avoid wagering on games where neither side is hungry to win, such as in a friendly. Ideally, you want to find soccer matches where the underdog is in a do-or-die situation such as facing relegations and the favorite does not improve their position in the league by winning.

It Is Wagering Time!

Football wagering is not very complex if you stay calm and dedicate enough time to the research. If some of your friends are interested in the niche, you could try doing the research and gambling together to learn quicker and have more fun. Now you know what research you need to perform, it is time to pick a match and start studying. Once you are satisfied with your research, place a wager!