In our articles you will find out more detailed info about every team and their MVPs, which will help you choose a bet. Betting on the NBA has nothing in common with other basketball leagues. First of all the matches are intense and it is hard to know who will win until the end of the game.

When betting on the NBA, you should consider not only the status of the team in the league, but also the current state of each player. Our analysts gather all
information to make the best prediction. We proudly can say that we give you all you need for successful NBA betting but we cover much more as well.

Predictions Moneyline
The moneyline simply means you pick a winner of the game. This is an American sports term simply meaning ‘to win’.

Picks Against the Spread
NBA betting against the spread means you’re wagering not only on a team to win, but also to win by a certain amount of points. This is a handicap system based on points, and works the same as handicaps in football betting.

Total Over / Under
This market of betting in the NBA is quite straightforward. This is simply betting on the total number of points scored in a game. NBA over/under betting is arguably the most exhilarating of US sports.