Next week will be the next stage of the Grand Slam series tournament, in which Yasutaka Utiyama and Mikael Imer meet on January 21.

Yasutaka Uchiyama

Fans expected Yasutaka Uchiyama to demonstrate a powerful start at this tournament, but problems began to arise from the first match. Initially, I had to play five sets with an opponent who takes only 384th place in the tennis ranking. Then there was a difficult match, in which the seventeenth racket of the world lost after two sets, but then it turned out to break the course of the game and win a difficult victory. Yasutaka Uchiyama in his matches does not realize a lot of break points, and also often makes gross mistakes that should not be peculiar to a player of this level. It can be seen that Yasutaka Uchiyama is now far from the peak of his capabilities, but he is not trying to get in shape, as there are still enough matches in the tournament, so I can find my own style of play. With each match, Yasutaka Uchiyama adds a little, which means that in this fight you can expect a stronger game.

Mikael Ymer

At this tournament, Mikael Imer plays with qualification, where at first there was a victory over a representative of the fifth hundred tennis rating, and then he managed to beat a local player in a difficult match. Having played in only two matches, you still cannot adapt to this court surface, because Mikael Imer still loves clay or grass courts, but here you have to play hard. Lacking high speed, Mikael Imer does not like the fast pace of the game, but prefers reliable defense on the back line. Moreover, Mikael Imer confidently acts at the reception, well punching racquets on both sides. The 45th racket of the world has not only high-quality forehand, but also a backhand, so Mikael Imer on the second serve often has even a higher percentage of winning than on the first. At the age of 35, Mikaell Imer has not yet thought about ending his career, and at this tournament it is not yet difficult to play, as there is enough time to recover between the matches.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Yasutaka Uchiyama 27 years old, Mikael Ymer – 21
  • Yasutaka Uchiyama ranks 93th in the ATP ranking, and Mikael Ymer is 78th

Yasutaka Uchiyama vs Mikael Ymer Prediction

Yasutaka Uchiyama and Mikael Ymer always try to show the best tennis. Now the athletes have a great opportunity to improve their positions in the ranking, and judging by the results that they showed in recent matches, they reached their peak form, therefore, in this tournament you should expect a bright game from them.

  • Our prediction – Yasutaka Uchiyama to win.