In the next match of PariLeague S2 Winstreak from Russia will play against FlytoMoon. Who will succeed in this game? – Read our prediction.


Russian team Winstrike is located on 102nd place. It did not have the best group stage, took 4th position, but it was enough to go to the next round. The Russians made it to the top net of playoffs, where they suffered a defeat by the Virtus Pro team (2-0) on cards in the opening game. There was a huge difference in class between these teams.


Ukrainian team FlytoMoon was formed quite recently, but in a short period of time it managed to gain an incredible gaming form. To date, it ranks 40th in the rating table. She has shown amazing results in the group, losing only one match out of seven. She reached the top of the playoff stage, where in the first round lost to HellRaisers on two cards.

Winstrike vs FlytoMoon Prediction

In this confrontation, we advise to play the victory of FlytoMoon. Both teams started play-off unsuccessfully, but it is worth considering the fact that the Ukrainian team played by experienced and high-class players, which can not be said about their opponents. Winstrikers have not long ago formed their squad, they have not yet had time to play, so it makes no sense to expect good results from them. They can’t boast of variability, they play only heroes, while often making ridiculous mistakes in the macro.

Our prediction: FlytoMoon will win

Winstrike vs FlytoMoon live stream