Winnipeg Jets vs Philadelphia Flyers: predictions for December 16, 2019

December 16 will be a duel between teams such as: Winnipeg Jets and Philadelphia Flyers. Can the “fighters” take advantage of the physical fatigue of their opponents? Or will the “pilots” demonstrate the character and strength of the will to win?

Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets team did not start the regular season in the best way, for some time it was at the bottom of the standings, but now its results have stabilized. At the moment she takes 4th place in the Western Conference. According to the results of 32 matches played, she managed to earn 40 points. For a month and a half, Paul Maurice’s wards gained an incredible game form, as evidenced by statistics of extreme meetings. In the last 13 fights, they suffered only 3 defeats. Twice lost to “Dallas” and in the last game lost to “Detroit”, but this can be attributed to the underestimation of the opponent.

“Jet Aircraft” cannot boast of good statistics on home ice performances, but their results have improved significantly. To date, they have a win-win series of 4 home games.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers Club has phenomenally kicked off this season, but recently it has been showing an extremely insecure game. In the standings of the Eastern Conference, he sank to sixth place. According to the results of 31 matches played, he managed to score 39 points. In 4 extreme confrontations, he won the same number of victories and defeats. It is worth noting that he lost to serious rivals, such as: “Colorado Avalanche” and “Arizona Coyotes”, he had no problems with the rest of the teams.

Wards Alain Vigno have mediocre statistics of appearances on the road. Of the 15 guest meetings, they managed to win only 3 in regular time. They see certain problems in defense, away they miss many times more than they score.

Prediction for the match Winnipeg Jets – Philadelphia Flyers

In this confrontation, I propose to play the win of Winnipeg Jets taking into account the zero handicap. Who wants to take a chance, you can play in the main time. I do not think that the “pilots” will have the strength to confront the wards of Paul Maurice. Less than 24 hours ago, they had a difficult match against Minnesota Wild; they are unlikely to have time to recover in a short period of time. It is also worth considering the fact that “Philadelphia” will play without the main goalkeeper, and the second goalkeeper cannot boast of a high coefficient of reliability, therefore, it makes no sense to expect good results from him.