Former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs says he has agreed on a bout with former IBF / WBA / WBC champion Mike Tyson. The contract for the battle has not yet been signed, but the 48-year-old veteran confidently says that the battle will take place.

If the Tyson – Briggs fight wants to be launched according to the system of paid broadcasts, then the organizers and the boxers themselves will probably be waiting for disappointment. Because fans buying PPV always want what they see fit with their money. It is unlikely that many will be willing to pay to see the fight between two sports pensioners online or on TV. Perhaps showing on the DAZN streaming platform will be a good solution.

Briggs did not enter the ring with a knockout victory in the first round over Emilio Zarate in 2016. At that time, Briggs still looked powerful and dangerous with a string of early knockouts after his return. Such a version of Briggs would be a problem for Tyson if he greatly lost his past in the past 15 years.

Speaking that his fight with Tyson will become the most significant in the history of boxing, Briggs, of course, greatly exaggerates, but their potential duel may interest many boxing fans, both hardcore and ordinary.

The fact that fans are intrigued by Tyson’s return says a lot. About the current state of boxing. Modern boxing lacks superstars that fans would love to see. After Floyd Mayweather’s retirement, there were practically none. Now the main star of boxing can be considered “Canelo” Alvarez, he has a large fan army in the US and around the world, but in his resume there are many controversial points. What made Mike Tyson so famous is that he knocked out his opponents and therefore never had any debate.

If you look at how Tyson boxed in his last two fights before retiring in 2005, he will be dangerous for the first two rounds. After the second round, Tyson risks exhausting and being stopped. If Tyson sips smoke in a training camp, then this will not exactly help him in a fight with Briggs or anyone else.

But given that this is likely to be a duel of three or four rounds, the risk that Tyson will be knocked out due to exhaustion, as was the case in his battles against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride, is not great. These two boxers suffered serious damage in the starting six minutes of the meeting, and after the third round, Tyson handed over functionally and was eventually defeated by them.

Hopefully, the Tyson vs Briggs fight is planned as a real professional duel, not a staged game. The duel according to the script, as in wrestling, will look fake, and the fans will immediately figure out the idea. This could have pissed them off to such an extent that they would simply turn their backs on the whole sport.

Even when Mayweather boxed with Conor McGregor in 2017, so many had a bitter aftertaste. They believed that it was a lousy duel, although there was no talk of any exhibition fight. American fans paid $ 100, hoping to see an exciting battle between McGregor and Mayweather, but in the end they saw a one-way action in which Mayweather seemed to make no effort.

We believe that the “grandfathers” will not deceive and will not disappoint if they reach the ring. Oh, such a duel in the year 2000, when Tyson was still “alive”, and Briggs is sharp, agile and terrifying.