(CNN) — Winning a golfing tournament has never been more lucrative.
The Experts’ winning purse rose to $11 million in 2017. The Players Championship and the US Open’s winning handbag climbed to $12.5 million last year. The FedEx Cup’s winner gets an 15 million.
Yet lately the sport has gotten something of a crisis of confidence at the play of several players.
Earlier this month, Especially, his fellow professionals criticized American Bryson DeChambeau in the Northern Trust event in New Jersey.
Shortly afterwards, protocols which could observe players punished with punishment strokes to get play in the future were announced by the European Tour.
“From the stand point, there were 1.2 million shots which were hit this season,” PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan told CNN Sport’s Patrick Snell, talking about possible changes to the game.
“And you’ve got some cases where players are taking an excessive amount of time. Like everything else in our organization, this is something we’re always monitoring”
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He continued:”We are not stuck in our ways. We know that players all around the world are currently seeing the best players in the world on the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour, plus they mimic their actions.
“And so, if there’s an opportunity for us to make a positive contribution to the match and continue to increase our product, that’s what we’re going to perform.”
A changing world
With the world moving in a location that is quicker and the rising influence of networking, attention spans are also arguably getting shorter.
Fans need shorter periods between play and more action packed into their viewing experience.
“If you take a look at pace of play and you take a have a look at how in which the world is changing and the need that everything happen faster than it did in years past it is something we’ve been looking at,” Monahan added.
“We have been looking at it because February 2019. We’re talking about our gamers advisory council and our players and we are likely to use this as an opportunity to enhance. It’s not about any player.
“It’s about our organization putting a system in place that makes it possible for us to improve and finally can help excite those people who are going to see and mimic the wonderful players on earth, their pre-shot routines, the way they approach the sport.
“However, not everything will be perfect and you’ve got to spot the areas you’ll be able to improve and that’s what we’re doing”
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‘Inspiring and outstanding’
Despite slow play’s dilemma, there have been some thrilling story lines during this year that have experienced audiences gripped.
By Tiger Woods’ remarkable comeback to win the Masters, to Brooks Koepka transforming to the sport celebrity , and Shane Lowry’s fairy tale Open triumph in Royal Portrush, it has made for viewing.
And Monahan says golf as a game is in a place that is good.
“How we consider this new schedule is we are in a period of championships, beginning in March with the Players all the way via the Open Championship in July which leads us to the FedEx Cup Playoffs,” Monahan said.
“So, when you look at the champions we’ve had from that calendar year, from Rory McIlroy to Tiger Woods into Brooks Koepka to Gary Woodland to Shane Lowry, and you also consider the standard of those championships, the championships themselves were both inspiring and extraordinary.
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“And they’ve all developed. Those championships continue to flourish. And what you are seeing as we all get in the year of championships and also the FedEx Cup Playoffs is more eyeballs and energy on the sport as we continue to attempt to play our roll to increase our game up and move forwards.
“What annually. Consider each of these events what they did to get there along with the excitement around it and those winners along with I just mentioned. You have got to be feeling really good about where we’re heading.”

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