On January 20 there will be a match at the Australian Open, where Wang Qiang and Pauline Parmentier will be on court.

Wang Qiang

The start of this season could be simply magnificent, because already at the first tournament we managed to reach the semifinals, but the game had to be abandoned due to minor damage. Wang Qiang has an unusual style of play, performing many short cuts during the match, so it’s very difficult for opponents to adapt to such a game and act confidently at the rallies. With serving, Wang is still experiencing problems, but it is unlikely that it will be long, because there is simply no need to heavily load the hand, as it was with her that there were minor problems that made him turn to doctors. Wang Qiang performs most often on hard surfaces, so he has vast experience playing on these courts. Now Wang is on the 38th line of the world ranking, but there are excellent chances to rise even higher.

Pauline Parmentier

Pauline Parmentier is too hot-tempered, which does not allow him to act stably on the court. In this match, you will again have to give vent to your emotions, as the opponent will have a serious, even better footwork. But, on the other hand, Pauline confidently acts on the back line, so that shows a good level in the exchange of blows. Parmentier has a powerful serve, and although it does not differ in speed on the court, but it demonstrates the constant variability of shots, so it is extremely difficult to predict the direction of the ball.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Wang Qiang on 28 position in Rank
  • Pauline Parmentier on 68 position in Rank

Wang Qiang vs Pauline Parmentier Game Prediction

Wang is the stronger player and she seems to be boosted on home soil.

Our prediction – Wang Qiang to win.