On March 28 Vitality will play against fnatic. Both teams are quite unpredictable. Both made substitutions in teams, and they immediately found their game in the new squads. Who will win this intriguing match? – Our prediction is here for you.


Vitality plays too randomly. We wouldn’t be sure that Vitality will win any particular card. It’s a team of courage. If one of the players feels his game, they will be stronger on any card. If the right wave is not caught, they will lose without a chance. Vitality has no tactical reserve.


Fnatic plays better and better with every match. At the moment the guys are in a crazy shape, and the only thing left to sympathize with the opponents. I think it’s all about the moral training of the players and individual skill. Fnatic is loaded and well prepared. The individual form of the top players is in order, which allowed them to compete with the rest of the teams in the league.

Vitality vs fnatic Prediction

Is it really that bad with Vitality? We thing, it is. Vitality took off from MAD Lions, showed a weak game against G2, couldn’t cope with Rogue, and then suffered three more losses in a row. Is it worth speaking about their chances?

Our prediction: fnatic will win

Vitality vs fnatic live stream