, finally, were able to interrupt a series of failures and on April 3 at 17:00 (UTC) they will meet in a duel with Tyloo, for which we managed to prepare a prediction. was clearly under a heavy burden of responsibility and in a morally depressed state before meeting with OG, but they were able to “step over” themselves and win with a score of (2:1). Note that before this the team didn’t win a single match and in each case lost dry. So, the “bears” were defeated by all the leaders in the person of Mousesports, FaZe Clan and G2 Esports, without really rebuffing their counterparts.


Tyloo is strong exclusively in their region, where it’s one of the best teams, but in the international arena they still out of work. The Chinese held four meetings, in three of which they lost with a score of (0:2). Clinging to a victory at Dust2 turned out only against G2 Esports. It must be emphasized that the team doesn’t play on the Nuke card at all, and also has only 12% win rate on Inferno.

Betting Statistics

  • won last match against Tyloo
  • Tyloo lost in three of last four fights with a score of (0:2)
  • VP prevailed in the previous meeting vs Tyloo Prediction interrupted their “black” streak, so they will approach the upcoming match in a form more comfortable from the side of psychology. Tyloo are the main outsider of the group and lost in almost all fights with a dry score, so it’s likely that now the Chinese will not take a single card either.

  • Our prediction: win

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