will fight against OG on April 2 at 13:25 (UTC), and our experts will give you an accurate prediction for this event. Will the Bears get the first card in three matches? so far are no different from their Polish predecessors, which also for a long time didn’t show positive results. “Bears” lost in three matches in a row at the tournament, while not winning a single card. Note that the Russians lost FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Mousesports to the teams of tier (-1) level. It becomes clear that the team is very difficult to meet with top opponents.


OG, on the contrary, conduct the tournament very efficiently and still have not lost a single match. Bulls were able to deal with Tyloo (2:0), and then figured out with Mousesports (2:1) and G2 Esports (2:0). So far, the team takes the 15th line of the world ranking, but it’s likely that according to the results of the championship they will enter the top 10. By the way, at the moment they lead the overall championship table and has nine points in their asset.

Betting Statistics

  • Teams have not met each other before
  • OG won three consecutive matches in the tournament
  • VP lost in all matches at the event vs OG Prediction will take one card in the upcoming match, but the team simply will not be enough for a larger one. OG had a great time with their previous meetings, and if they played just as well in the upcoming battle, then win will remain with them, and at the same time they will keep the first line in the group.

  • Our prediction: OG win

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