It is always exciting watching these two teams fighting in the virtual woeld of CS:GO. This time on April 18 the Scandinavian teams will please us with their pro level. Who will be stronger this time? – Our prediction is already here for you.

HAVU Gaming

Nobody expected the Finnish team HAVU Gaming to make it to the bottom net final. It should be noted that it has never been famous for its stability, but at this tournament it shows a high level of play. The Finns were quite easy to beat their opponents at the top of the playoffs until they met the Made in Brazil team. It should be noted that they were close to defeating the Brazilians, but they tritely lacked experience.

MAD Lions

The MAD Lions team is one of the main candidates to win this tournament. They got into the loser because they lost to MiBR Brazil in the extreme competition. Throughout the “flashpoint” she had no difficulties, she gave an amazing series of 8 games, which the Brazilians managed to interrupt. It should be noted that the Danes lost only 1 card out of 16 played – a phenomenal figure. It is safe to say that they are in good game form.

Betting Statistics

  • The MAD Lions team ranks 18th in the CS:GO team rating, which is 3 points lower than the 15th position in the HAVU.
  • The favorite of the meeting with bookmakers is MAD Lions team – the best coefficient is 1.74.
  • The total victory rate is higher for MAD Lions and is 60.53% against 59.49% for HAVU Gaming.
  • The current MAD striker is 1 defeat. 2 wins on HAVU account.
  • Earlier, out of 2 face-to-face meetings she won MAD Lions once and HAVU Gaming once.

HAVU Gaming vs MAD Lions Prediction

Pretty predictable bottom-scoring final, both teams show excellent results throughout the tournament. However, one should take into account the fact that the Finns often sit down individually, the Danes look much more confident. In addition, a couple of weeks ago they already played against each other, then the Danish team MAD Lions won a confident win on two cards. We assume that in the upcoming confrontation we will face a similar scenario. The HAVU team is not yet ready to compete with such an opponent, they will trivially lack experience.

  • Our prediction: MAD Lions will win

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HAVU Gaming vs MAD Lions live stream