CIS region on WeSave! Charity Play 2020, will play with HellRaisers, the winner will go to the final and play with Natus Vincere.

This week the bears had an extremely intensive qualifying cycle on ESL One Los Angeles Major, during which the team was under incredible psychological pressure. VP management itself led to a situation where the majority of viewers wanted to see the defeat of the team in question, but the players survived and still won a second trip from the CIS region in Major.

Previously, Virtuoso first lost to their today’s opponents in the top-score semi-final playoffs (0-2), but then took revenge on them in a much more important match for the slot (2-0). Taking into account the updates in their own growth, decided not to make up too intricate stratums and played on the usual practices, using the signature of the same Cooman and Zayac.


Nix and the company looked great in the course of the group stage of closed qualifiers in major and at the exit deservedly went to the playoffs. The last one started for the guys from a sensational victory over Virtus Pro (2-0), in the course of which they managed to surprise the opponent with a midget Doom, and also demonstrated an excellent implementation of the leith-strategy built around Medusa.

It seems that such a confident win has too relaxed the “Raisers from the [email protected] and made them excessively believe in their strength. This is the conclusion after the first duel for a trip to LA where HellRaisers was defeated by NaVi (0-2), and after that did not make the slightest competition still the same VP (0-2). Somewhere the drafts were frankly let down, and somewhere the players tritely sat through the personal performance, which in the last two series was at a frankly low level.

Interesting Facts

  • This season the teams had 8 face-to-face fights with each other.
  • 5 Virtus Pro wins, 1 draw and 2 HellRaisers wins.
  • The least variability on VP drafts differed from their 4. Zayac spent almost all qualification on 3 heroes: Snapfire (5 times), Nyx Assassin (5 times) and Doom (3 times).
  • Having suffered a playoff fiasco in G Major, HellRaisers still couldn’t make it to qualifiers in C Minor. The result – two rounds of losses with a score of 0-2 and the final pass of the following lanas included in this year’s DPC-calendar. vs HellRaisers Prediction

We can’t say that VPs exceeded HR in the recent qualification too much, but here it’s important to understand that the Bears have achieved their goal, and therefore today they will play in a good mood and without much pressure in their direction, while the Raisers will have to play after their perhaps the main disappointment this season. This is a very important factor in the context of the upcoming meeting.

Our prediction: will win vs HellRaisers live stream