Virtual Horse Racing Betting

What is Virtual Horse Racing Betting?

One of its main advantages is considered to be a high level of dynamism of game events, with great regularity and a high level of limits. Betting on Virtual Horse Racing is in demand for respectable amounts of money that they put on races. Bets on virtual horse racing are gaining popularity now, due to the cancellation of sports. Many competitions go into the virtual world. For example, virtual grand national betting is gaining popularity.

Best virtual horse racing sites 2020

2020 Virtual Grand National: the runners, the odds, the verdict: all this stuff you can find at our partners websites. There are some bookies with virtual horse racing cards and odds:

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Features of Virtual Horse Racing Betting

Unlike other virtual sports, virtual horse racing will be more difficult to find, mainly in European gambling companies, where horse racing and betting are very popular.

How does virtual horse racing work? Virtual horse racing alternates with dirt and grass tracks with different track lengths. Depending on the tournament, the number of participants can be different – 8, 10 and 12 horses.

The start of each race begins with an 80 second break – time for accepting bets. Then the jump itself begins:

  • Races on the shortest tracks last – 60 seconds;
  • The running time on the longest runs takes 1 minute 55 seconds.
  • After the race, 40 seconds are allocated to take stock, then a new race starts and so on to infinity. Over 420 horse racing takes place per day.

To understand virtual horse racing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the real horse racing betting, which describes the types of bets, recommendations on how to bet on horse racing and much more.

How to Bet On Virtual Horse Races

A fundamental factor in successful bets for any sport is an accurate and detailed analysis. Before you put money, you need to work hard at analytics.

Analysis of the participants of the race:

Current form. It is one of the main statistical characteristics in races. The weight of the participant is not a very important indicator, but may periodically affect the results. For example, for sprints, it is preferable to choose lighter representatives.

The age of the participant. It is believed that age is proportional to experience, and such representatives may have some advantage over less experienced ones. They are able to more correctly distribute their forces for a given distance.

The period of the races. If a participant has not participated in races for a long time, he has less chance of winning, especially at long distances.

The technical condition of the track. This factor can help in analyzing the results of participants on various tracks.

Type of races. Changes in the coefficients varies significantly for different types of races.

How to win virtual horse racing: strategies, secrets, tips?

How to beat the bookies virtual horse racing? There are no universal strategies to make successful bets on virtual races, however there are certain tricks and virtual horse racing tips:

  1. It’s not worth betting on every participant that is caught – this is a path to losses;
  2. Do not try to recapture your losses by constantly raising the level of rates and counting on blind luck;
  3. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. In the desire to return the lost, you can fall into a large debt hole;
  4. Do not give preference to the participant on whom you have previously bet, guided only by this factor;
  5. It is necessary to give greater preference to the search for profitable odds. Often, betting organizations are guided by the volume of bets, and not by the current performance of the participant in the race;
  6. Do not forget that the best source for analytics is the download map, which displays all the especially important information. This greatly helps to make the right choice. Guided by a set of these rules, you can make very successful bets on virtual races.