Virtual Football Betting

What Is Virtual Football Betting?

Virtual football (virtual soccer) — is a simulation game that takes place in the virtual world, but is based on real parameters. This is a fictional tournament that, in specifics, resembles slot machines, since the results depend on the robot / system / special algorithm. Such a game is a symbiosis of a football (soccer) simulator and sports betting. At the same time, virtual football bets are a classic casino mechanism designed in the framework of virtual sports.

Virtual football appeared on bookmaker sites not so long ago, but has already gained popularity among beginners and experienced users. In short, virtual football is a whole football world created by specially software. There are players created by the computer in the likeness of real ones, their teams, leagues, match schedules, tournaments and, most importantly, each match can be watched in live mode, as if you are watching a normal broadcast.

Best Virtual Football Betting Sites

Currently, many bookmakers accept bets on this type of game. Among the most popular include William Hill, Bet365, Sportingbet. It is appropriate to say that virtual football is essentially the same in various bookmakers.

The best virtual football betting sites:

RatingBonusFEATURES Bet Here!
William Hill
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Bet £5 bet £20✔️ High odds
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Pros and Cons of Virtual Football Betting

Advantages:✔️ Bets are available around the clock, the results of the fights become known within a few minutes.

✔️ The duration of a duel in virtual football is several times less than the real one.

✔️ Since virtual football tournaments end very quickly, it is possible to test some financial betting strategies.

Disadvantages:❌ The danger of developing gambling due to easy access to an infinite number of matches.

❌ Fights in virtual football are practically no different from slot machines in online casinos.

❌ In ordinary football, watching a match also has an entertaining moment, which cannot be said about virtual one.

How to bet on virtual football?

Virtual soccer has a number of features, due to which the number of bets on it is constantly growing.

  1. The duration of the virtual match is only one and a half minutes. There is a break and small pauses before and after the match, increasing the duration of the tour up to 4 minutes 35 seconds. In other words, you can place a bet and get a calculation in a few minutes.
  2. In virtual football there are no off-season, holidays, holidays and weekends. On any day and at any time there are several virtual matches in the line of the bookmaker. Given that the leading world championships are not held so often, and betting on the third league of Japan is not suitable for everyone, virtual football is an excellent temporary replacement for a real match.
  3. No need to waste time analyzing teams, studying information, weather conditions, lineups, injuries and more. Only probability theory works here. All situations on the field are randomly generated by the computer.

To bet on virtual football, you need to register or log in at the bookmaker, in which there is such a function. Then open the section of the same name. Further, the procedure is no different from betting on real games:

  1. Choose an option for a bet;
  2. Enter the bet amount;
  3. Confirm the transaction;
  4. Expect the end of the virtual match;
  5. A bet is settled (win or lose).

The results of games in virtual football are more difficult to predict than real fights. But when studying the intricacies of the game, you will have the opportunity to earn.

Betting Types of Virtual Football

The varieties of virtual football league bets are well known to all fans of football betting, since the list is identical, only fewer options:

  1. 3-Way Bet:
    Final Result
    First Goal
  2. Handicap Bet
  3. Over/Under Bet
  4. Correct Score Bet

To win virtual football betting, you need, first of all, to delve into this product and have a good strategy. Despite the unpredictability of the results, some patterns can be tracked and used to their advantage. Since each new season has its own trends, it is recommended to set after 5-7 starting rounds, for which you need to carefully observe.

How to beat virtual football bets?

How to make money on virtual football betting? The developers of the programs laid a certain mathematical algorithm that conditionally, according to certain parameters, determines the outcome of the match. Each invented club has its own technical characteristics programmed. In one club, such characteristics may have better parameters initially, while in another club – virtual parameters are not very positive. The probability of goals scored, as well as the location in the standings is determined based on previous results. However, all previous matches and games do not affect the event that is happening now in virtual sports.

A bettor has every chance to win a match with a bookmaker if he carefully examines the club’s current parameters in the virtual season and league. In order to have a certain idea of ​​how the current event will take place, it is necessary to carefully observe the teams game progress in the previous 2-3 competitions. Thus, you can develop for yourself certain patterns of prediction for computer programs.

Virtual Football Game Betting Strategies

  1. The bottom line is betting on one team when it is playing away. Betting should be done before victory. The size of the next bet is increased so as to block previously lost funds (use catch-up or Martingale).
  2. First goal. We select the middle team, after which we bet that it will score first. If you lose, increase the bet, and if you win, we start over. The effectiveness of these strategies depends on luck. To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, conduct the analysis described above.
  3. Total. This strategy already resembles a real game system, since here you need to monitor the results, systematize and analyze them. We are waiting for the start of the season. We skip 4-5 rounds. We draw attention to the first 5 teams – the behavior of leaders is easier to predict. We study the difference between goals scored and conceded goals – there should be as many goals as possible! We observe the TOP teams in 3-4 rounds. Concentrate on two or three teams, so as not to spray. We continue to watch until the 15-17 round. By this time, there are already some trends and you have an idea of ​​the performances of the teams.

The chances to beat the bookie increase if you carefully study the parameters of the teams during the season. In order to develop some kind of betting strategy, you should watch the fights for at least 2-3 seasons. So you can identify patterns that will be considered when choosing a bet. So, according to the experience of experienced players, it is most realistic to achieve success in total bets. Be that as it may, one must understand that virtual football, unlike real sports, is a real gamble that is hardly inferior to the same casino. As in online casinos, the principle of generating random numbers operates in virtual sports, which means that bets on virtual football have a negative mathematical expectation.