In the second round match of the tournament in Lyon Alison van Uytvanсk will play against Viktoriya Tomova. Belgian tennis player plays perfectly in the halls. In our prediction for the match, we offer to assess the readiness of Alison for a confident victory. – Read it out below

At what time are Viktoriya Tomova and Alison Van Uytvanck to play?
The game time is March 4, 2020, at 12:00 PM (UTC+1).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Viktoriya Tomova takes the 143rd position and Alison Van Uytvanck takes the 62th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Tomova have?
Viktoriya Tomova has won 61.1% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Van Uytvanck have?
Alison Van Uytvanck has won 60.3% of the games as a favorite.

Viktoriya Tomova

Viktoriya Tomova in her 25 years of age is on 143rd position in the table of ranks, and her best indicator was 128th line. The Bulgarian has not made much progress, mainly satisfied with several victories at ITF tournaments.

Bulgarian tennis player Viktoriya Tomova played actively at ITF tournaments in Glasgow and Sunderland in February. She managed to reach the final in Glasgow and took the title in Sunderland. Back in March, Viktoriya played the final in England.

After moving to Lyon for a more prestigious tournament, Tomova in the first round had a hard three-set fight against Frech (7-5, 6-7, 6-4). Undoubtedly, the tennis player is in good shape now, but the level of play with Frech was clearly not impressive. Still, a confident game on her pitch is important on the quick cover.

If with Frech you could afford to give up your serve six times and return to the game all the time, then against Van Uytvank it is unlikely to pass.

Alison van Uytvanck

Allison van Uytvanck had been on the court for quite some time. She mainly likes to participate in International tournaments, she has four such won titles, and in prestigious competitions Alison has not yet shown high results.

There are five WTA titles in Alison van Uytvanck’s career. Four of them were won by the Belgian tennis player in the halls. And two years in a row (2018 and 2019) Alison won a tournament in Budapest. This year, the competition moved from Hungary to France. However, the rating points must be protected.

Alison’s season didn’t start out so well, but now she’s starting to get in shape. In the first round van Uytvanck fully demonstrated her readiness and spirit for a successful performance in Lyon In this tournament van Uytvanck defeated Katarzyna Kawa. The Belgian representative simply did not notice her rival (6-1, 6-3). Kava did not have a single break point, 81% of points scored on the first serve and 77% on the second serve.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • The tennis players didn’t play with each other.
  • Allison van Uytvanck has four WTA titles in the halls on his career account.
  • Van Uytvanck won four games out of five victories in the 2020 season, winning the game with a -4.5 handicap of the game.

Tomova vs Van Uytvanck Predictions

Victoria Tomova proved herself perfectly in February at not the most prestigious tournaments. The first match in Lyon revealed serious problems in the game of the tennis player on his serve. Without a reliable pitch it will be very difficult to resist the current Van Uytvank. Also, Tomova’s exhaustion may not be in favor. We offer a prediction of a convincing victory for the favorite bookmakers.

  • Our prediction: Alison Van Uytvanck Will Win.