Video Slots

Today it is difficult to imagine a casino, whether it is on the Internet or offline, without endless rows of slot machines. But it was not always so. The first slots (“fruit machines”, as they were often called) appeared at the end of the 19th century and most often stood imperceptibly in the dusty corners of gambling houses.

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of slot machines, casinos favored traditional table-based gambling. Slot machines have long been in demand only in bars, shops and other public places where card games were banned. However, the situation has gradually changed. Slots improved and over time began to play a significant role in the casino world, and bring them big profits.

Today, video slots are confidently conquering the Internet, because online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons for this. Slot machines are fascinating, colorful and provide an opportunity to have a great time. In addition, they are simple and do not require special skills from the player: make your bet and just spin the reels. Modern online slots simplify the game process as much as possible, and great detail and animation every year become better and better. 

What are video slots

The abandonment of physical reels allowed developers to implement different ideas when creating slot machines. Slots can differ externally and functionally, while maintaining the basic gaming principle – the formation of combinations.

The lists of slot machines on online platforms include:

  • three-drum slots;
  • five-reel machines;
  • devices in which six or seven drums are involved;
  • nine reel slots.

The number of prize lines is also different. Their number ranges from 1 to 100. There are also machines, where the lines are replaced by methods of forming combinations.

Among other things, slots differ in bonuses. Some machines offer a classic set of additional features: free spins, risk game, bonus round. Others expand the range of options, replenishing them with spins, prize features on the main screen and progressive jackpots.

How to play video slots

Playing video slots is easy. The rules will be mastered even by a beginner who has never played before. All that is required for a gaming session is:

  1. set a bid;
  2. set the number of pay lines;
  3. choose a game mode: automatic or when you press the spin button;
  4. collect combinations.

On most slots, combinations are formed from the same symbols, arranged sequentially from the leftmost drum to the right. Some combinations of symbols activate prize options:

  • replacing missing pictures in a sequence;
  • starting free spins or respins;
  • opening a built-in mini-game.

Explore the exciting world of video slots

Find the right game for yourself

The choice of slot machines on the Internet is simply huge! You can choose from a wide variety of video slots, from new fancy games like Wild Wild West to proven classics like the popular Starburst. Which slot to prefer – you decide. It all depends on your tastes and style of play, whether you like sophisticated games with cool 3D animation or more classic slot machines.

We advise you to choose slots with a high rate of return rates. This indicator determines how much money from bets on average is returned to the player in the long run. Simply put, the higher the ratio, the higher the payout. Each online slot has its own value of the player’s theoretical income, and you can easily find it in the description of the slot.

The basic principles of the game

Modern video slots may seem rather difficult to understand, especially if you are a beginner or played only in classic slot machines with cherries. What could be easier? Press the button and wait until the three characters are lined up in a row. With online slots, however, at first glance, everything is not so simple. You can find slots with a different number of reels and rows on them, where winning combinations stand not only in one horizontal line, but also diagonally, in a zigzag or in another tricky way.

First, the player must decide how many betting lines he wants to play. Most video slots have from 10 to 25 paylines, but sometimes their number can reach several hundred! Often the lines are fixed, and the game is automatically played immediately at all.

So, the lines are selected, the bets are made – time to spin the reels! After each rotation, winning lines are counted – combinations consisting of three or more game symbols. Payout amounts are determined by the size of the bet, as well as the value of the characters involved in the combination. They have different meanings, which you should find out in the “Paytable” menu before the start of the game. 

Key concepts

Pay lines

Classic slot machines had only one payline, consisting of three characters in the middle row. Some modern video slots still support this traditional format.

However, today most online slots boast an abundance of paylines, which, as a result, increase the chances of collecting a winning combination. It is difficult to say whether this is statistically more profitable. After all, the more game lines chosen, the higher the bet. On the other hand, this without a doubt makes the game much more fun!

Wild symbol

Special characters “Wild” can be found in almost all slot machines. They replace all other symbols except the special ones, creating winning combinations. For example, if three identical images and a “Wild” symbol appear on the payline, payment will be made for four symbols. If you are lucky, for one rotation on the playing field several symbols “Wild” can fall out at once, bringing you a good win!

Symbols “Scatter” and “Bonus”

These special characters are present in many video slots and usually activate additional bonus rounds and bonus games with significant rewards. In addition, sometimes they can be combinations of themselves or have other functions.


The principle of operation of modern slot machines is based on a random number generator. This means that successive rotations of the drums are not connected in any way. Therefore, forget about the ability to predict the behavior of the video slot – it is completely random. Nevertheless, we have a recipe for how to increase your chances of winning.

Always pay attention to the rate of return rates. The higher its value, the greater the mathematical probability of winning. This is the only objective indicator that affects potential payouts.  

Reasons to have fun in slot machines

We list the main reasons that modern simulators on the Internet differ:

  • no one sees you in front of the monitor, so do not worry about your appearance;
  • the minimum bet in slots starts at one or two cents;
  • in online devices, a much higher percentage of return – especially for licensed machines;
  • almost all physical slots are present in online mode, moreover, its more recent version is most often presented;
  • the devices were created by the best software manufacturers, which are located in the casinos of Macau, Las Vegas, etc.

You can play video slots for free without downloading the application to your computer, because the entertainment is presented in flash format.

Video Slot Myths

There are a number of common misconceptions about how video slots work.

The most common of them says that it is more profitable to make high bids than low. This method may work with some other casino games, but there is no evidence that it works with slots either.

Many also believe that the probability of winning on horizontal betting lines is higher than on others. This cannot be true, because the symbols appear on the reels in a completely random way.

Other players are sure that the mechanism of video slots has a certain pattern. We already wrote about this above – no matter how long the game session lasts, it is impossible to predict the result.