Russian Veronika Kudermetova at the WTA tournament in Hobart reached the quarterfinals, where the tennis player will meet with Spanish Garbinier Mugurusa. Three years ago, Mugursa was the best tennis player on the planet, but now the athletes are not far from each other in the world ranking.

Veronika Kudermetova

Russian tennis player outplayed American Catherine Bellis in two sets. But the match was not easy and lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. The first set came to a tie-break, in which Veronica won (8:6). The second batch was given Kudermetova much easier. Kudermetova was able to take four innings of the opponent and defeating (6:1) to complete the set. For the entire match, Veronica made 12 innings right through and made 4 double mistakes. We note the good physical readiness of Kudermetova.

Garbine Muguruza

The current form of Garbine can hardly be called optimal. However, one must not underestimate her. In 2017, Mugurus was at the peak of her playing case and, after the US Open, became the first racket of the world. True, she did not last long at the top, and the next year Muguruza began to decline. However, each year Garbigne wins at least one title. There are seven of them in the account of the 26-year-old. Among the best qualities of Mugurus are a powerful first serve and a strong blow from both hands. On the court, Muguruza prefers the most aggressive actions, also having a good speed of movement around the site. In an extreme match, Garbinier defeated the tennis player from Tunisia Ons Jaber with great difficulty, winning a tie-break in the decisive set.

Statistics and personal meetings:

  • Garbinier Mugurusa won her first single title in a career in Hobart
  • For the last two years, Muguruza has always won the tournament in Monterrey
  • In both matches of the tournament in Hobart Kudermetova was limited to two sets

Veronika Kudermetova vs Garbine Muguruza Predictions

There will be a duel of rivals approximately equal in class, and giving preference to someone is difficult.

  • Garbine Muguruza Will Win