In the UFC women’s flyweight, there are several athletes who urgently need to restore their reputation. Recently, Veronica Macedo also belonged to them, who found the strength to rectify the situation in the last match, and now rises to the category higher, where Bea Malecki will meet her, who got into the promotion with a professional record of 2-0, but already marked her first win under his familiar. How the Venezuelan woman will perform in new weight and whether the Swede is ready for such a vis-a-vis – March 14, the UFC Fight Night 170 tournament undercard will provide answers to these questions.

At what time Veronica Macedo vs Bea Malecki fight?
The fight time is March 14, 2020, at 05:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Veronica Macedo have?
Veronica Macedo has 6 wins and 3 losses.

How many wins and losses Bea Malecki have?
Bea Malecki has 3 wins and 0 loss.

The last time Veronica and Beah performed 7 and 9 months ago, respectively, having received the necessary amount of time for recovery. The athletes should not have had any problems with passing targeted training – they had more than 11 weeks to complete this task, which, of course, was more than enough.

Veronica Macedo

The athlete is training in the MMA Factory hall. It can work both in the rack, where it uses brown and black belts in karate and taekwondo, respectively, and the stall – there it helps the brown belt in the BJ. He shows himself on his feet in the best way, however, as a rule, he tries to use both striking and grappling.

After 2 amateur fights and ending them with her victories, Macedo became a professional and, with rare exceptions, continued to beat her rivals, reaching the record 5-0-1 within six months. She fought against the extremely low opposition – with a stretch of the list, perhaps, only Karine Gevorgyan and Irene Rach stand out, the fight against which ended with the announcement of a draw by a decision of the majority of judges.

A little later, Veronica, agreeing to replace Germaine de Randamy in a duel against Ashley Evans-Smith, signed a contract with the UFC, losing to the American by technical knockout. Her next opponents were Andrea Lee and Gillian Robertson, but the athlete could not cope with them either – she was defeated by unanimous decision and submission, respectively. In the last battle the Venezuelan fought against Polyana Viana, and yet she was able to win the first win in the walls of the organization, catching her at reception.

Bea Malecki

Athlete training takes place at the Fortis MMA camp. Her base is represented by Thai boxing, speaking by the rules of which she became a triumph of the European and world championships. Having such a background and impressive dimensions for its weight, it prefers to fight in the rack but also has the skills to work in the stalls.

Malecki has only 5 fights in the mixed martial arts rules. The first thing she once performed in the amateur arena, whereby technical knockout defeated Helin Paara. A little later, the Swede became a professional and in a similar way upset Faith Davis, subordinated Tracy Smith, and then went on for the 28th season of TUF.

Her opponent in the quarterfinal of the television project was Leah Letson, from whom Beah was defeated by the total after 10 minutes of the meeting. Nevertheless, the athlete still got a place in the UFC roster. Malecki’s first and last fight under the auspices of the promotion took place against Duda Santana. Despite some difficulties at the beginning of the meeting, in front of the equator of the 2nd round, she was able to finish her counterpart with a reception.

Veronica Macedo vs Bea Malecki Prediction

Due to problems with weight loss, Veronica leaves the flyweight and rises higher when she would be better off lower. In both 125 and 135 pounds, where, by the way, she had fought earlier, Venezuela never stood out in size. This meeting will not be an exception – Beah surpasses it in growth and reaches by 12 and 25 centimeters, respectively.

It would seem that the Thai boxer will only benefit from this. But either due to lack of experience or for some other reason, the Swede herself prefers to get closer to her counterpart, rarely uses her legs and does not use a Thai clinch. In this regard, the dimensions of Malecki, which in any case she does not use, working, as a rule, only with her hands and often beating the air, looks insignificant.

There are questions about her endurance, while Macedo will drive less than before, as well as protection – she does not have a movement and a case is open that will take a lot of damage from various kicks. The stalls, from which she is poorly protected and the Venezuelan translates much more savvy in the ground game, are also not on her side. Bea has an advantage only in dimensions that will not affect the outcome of this fight.

  • Our prediction: Veronica Macedo Will Win.

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