Zvonareva is definitely a surprise at this tournament, because everyone has written her off the big game a long time ago, and the Russian proves the opposite. It should be noted that Vera succeeds due her diligence, as she is 100% on the court and such efforts are justified.

Will the German beat her eminent Russian rival? – Consult our prediction.

At what time are Zvonareva and Siegemund to play?
The game time is March 6, 2020, at 12:00 (PST).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Vera Zvonareva takes the 319th position and Laura Siegemund takes the 64th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Zvonareva have?
Vera Zvonareva has won 66.3% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Siegemund have?
Laura Siegemund has won 60.2% of the games as a favorite.

Vera Zvonareva

Practice shows that Zvonareva does not even need to show her best game to win. After all, Vera goes out to every match with an incredible attitude and does everything possible to win. In addition, the Russian woman understands that she’s already a step away from retirement and that’s why she wants to enjoy the game for the last time. Although the tennis player doesn’t have enough speed, she has a hard time performing jerks and after them she still struggles with shortness of breath, but still stands out for her attacking potential and ability to finish the lotteries with several strokes.

Laura Siegemund

Siegemund is a very uncomfortable opponent for any tennis player. The reason is that from the very first draw the German does everything possible to get her opponent out of the comfort zone and make her mistake. She has a huge number of different strikes in her arsenal, ranging from cut to short. In addition, Laura is constantly twisting the ball, which on falling can fly away on the most unexpected trajectory. In addition, Siegemund moves around the court in an incredible way. Whereas she used to depend solely on the ground, now she gets results on the hard.

Zvonareva vs Siegemund Predictions

Sigemund will torture Zvonareva like Saiasai did it recently in Doha. After all, for the German it will be easy to run from corner to corner throughout the match, making the opponent do the same. In addition, Laura will slow down the pace and rhythm of the match with each of her strikes, so Zvonareva will make a lot of mistakes. So you should bet on Sigemund to win.

  • Our prediction: Laura Siegemund will win.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Zvonareva and Siegemund never met on court
  • Both Vera and Laura have only one loss in their recent 5 matches