An interesting first-round match at a tournament in Lyon, in which Vera Lapko and Camila Georgie will play the next round. The Belarusian tennis player shows her best game on the indore courts, where this tournament will be held. In addition, it is in French futures that she wins a lot. Last year for Vera was a failure.

She managed to get only four win in 19 matches. Let’s walk a little through last year Lapko.

At what time are Vera Lapko vs Camila Giorgi to play?
The game time is March 3, 2020, at 11:00 AM CET (UTC+1).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Vera Lapko takes the 378th position and Camila Giorgi takes the 94th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Vera Lapko have?
Vera Lapko has won 62% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Camila Giorgi have?
Camila Giorgi has won 74.4% of the games as a favorite.

Vera Lapko

Despite the fact that Vera Lapko has shown very high expectations in recent years and has shown a very decent level in some places, playing the eighteenth racket of the world is still much more suitable for clay courts. But, on hard tennis is no longer the same, since Vera Lapko does not have a very powerful serve, and on the court does not always move at the desired speed.

In addition, it is clearly visible that in every fight you have to fight fatigue, and the tight schedule of matches does not allow you to relax and regain strength. The last five fights were three sets with tiebreaks, and in two of them the game was very long, so I had to spend a lot of energy to win. Since not even a day has passed since the last meeting, it is unlikely that Vera Lapko will be able to show her best tennis.

Camila Giorgi

If at the initial stage of his career it was not possible to give good results, now Camila Georgie is showing much better tennis, and the main reason for this was the change of coach. Camila Georgie has a powerful serve, and with a new mentor tries to make the most of this advantage.

From the very beginning of the meeting, Camila Georgie goes on a fierce attack, trying to complete the rally with a few strong shots. Since this tactic is much better suited for hard courts, most often Camila Georgie speaks precisely on this surface, and quite successfully. This season, there were already sixteen matches on the hard, of which fourteen were won.

Camila Georgie is the triumph of one Challenger, and in the Grand Slam series tournament it turned out to reach the semifinals. In the world tennis ranking, it turned out to climb into the first hundred, where Camila Georgie now occupies 85th place. On average, Camila Georgie wins the first serve 79% of the draws.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Vera Lapko won the last three of her four matches.
  • Camila Georgie finished the last two of her three matches in three sets.
  • Girls had not met on the court before.

Vera Lapko vs Camila Giorgi Predictions

From the very beginning of the 2019 season, Vera had only one defeat. For almost three months she could not win. The main reason was health. She was worried about knee pain and weakened immunity, often she went to the court with fever. As a result, she finished the season ahead of schedule after Wimbledon and went to rest from tennis in Minsk.

There she bought herself an apartment and the first car, spent time with her family and rested. All this benefited her and she started the 2020 season successfully, reaching the semifinals of the French futures in Macon last week. She only rolls into the season, but there are already positive moments.

Beating Georgie will be difficult for her, because Camila is very good on indoor courts, but also unstable, as usual. If the Italian remembers her records for double and unforced errors, then Lapko may well leave the winner of this match.

  • Our prediction: Camila Giorgi Will Win.