The ninth and tenth rackets of the world, Gael Monfils and David Goffin, respectively, both French-speaking entered the semi-finals of the tournament in Montpellier. In the confrontation with the Canadian Pospisil, the Belgian will obviously have more support from the stands. As for the game, here David also has an advantage. He had a great preparation in the offseason, added speed to the legs and speed of decision-making on the court. Here in Montpellier, he beat Bublik and Herbert, both in two sets, but in each of these matches there was a tie-break in the second installment, which could turn the tide of the match.

Suddenly Posisil took and played in this tournament. After all, he not only made it to the semifinals, but on his way he closed very serious rivals. But now he will have to face Goffin, who is the main contender for the title. Does the Canadian have a chance to win?

At what time does the Vasek Pospisil vs David Goffin play?
The game time is February 08, 2020, at 03:30 PM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Vasek Pospisil takes the 132nd position and David Goffin takes the 10th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does the Vasek Pospisil have?
Vasek Pospisil has won 65% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the David Goffin have?
David Goffin has won 63% of the games as a favorite.

Vasek Pospisil

Pospisil recently returned after an injury and is now working hard on his game. The tennis player seeks to return to the top 100, but so far has been performing with varying success.

Take this season, where he first arrives at the Australian Open and manages to somehow lose to Ivo Karlovic in an unimaginable way, while in three sets and with “breaks” from the Croatian side. A week passed, and he is already at the highest level in Montpellier. Vasek not only confidently delivers, but also accurately acts in the draws.

David Goffin

It is always very difficult to expect something specific from Goffin. After all, if the Belgian is not in the mood or if he has any problems in his personal life, then this is immediately displayed on his game. Although David is in the top 10, he cannot boast of a fighting character, as he is not able to force himself to fight at a time when nothing happens.

At the moment, Goffin has real chances to win the title in Montpellier, because of the serious rivals only Monfils, but he is in an incomprehensible form.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Tennis players met twice on the court. Two victories in the asset of David Goffen. However, the last personal meeting was recorded two years ago, and since then much has changed.
  • David Goffen won the last seven of his ten matches.
  • Vasek Pospisil last three of his three matches completed on total under (20.5).


If Goffin will play at his level in the upcoming match, then it’s hard to talk about at least some chances for Pospisil. After all, the Canadian is completely dependent on the pitch and if the first ball disappears in one of the games, then in the draws David will not give the opponent a chance. So Goffin will reach the finals.
He wrote down tiebreaks he knows how to play, especially since on Indore it is more convenient than anywhere to beat aces, gaining easy points. Vasek also has not lost a set this week, but his opponents were more serious. In the first round, he beat Bedene 6:3, 6:4. Then, unexpectedly, he simply dealt with Shapovalov 6:2, 6:3, and Richard Gasquet, after 1:6 in the starting game, starred altogether and allowed the Canadian to the semi-finals almost without a fight.

Thus, Goffin will have to play with a young padawan on the ideal surface for aces, which also rested more than him. Do not forget that the Belgian match ended last in turn on Friday. Nevertheless, on the hard in the hall, Goffin himself loves and knows how to play. He took the title in the Metz indoor in 2014, and I scribbled two years ago, beat pretty easily. Considering how good this week Pospisil, it’s worth playing his positive head start. He will fight for the finals.

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