The second most important event of the UFC 247 tournament will be the fight of Valentina Shevchenko against Katlyn Chookagian. “Bullet” Shevchenko owns the championship belt in the lightest division and takes second place in the women’s pound-4-pound ranking. Challenger Chookagian is in first place (after the champion) in the lightest weight category and is now going on a series of two wins in a row. To make a successful bet on the upcoming match, we will try to make an objective prediction.

At what time Valentina Shevchenko vs Katlyn Chookagian plays?
The fight time is February 8, 2020, at 09:00 PM ET.

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, ESPN, and PPV

How many wins and losses Valentina Shevchenko has?
Valentina Shevchenko has 18 wins and 3 loss.

How many wins and losses Katlyn Chookagian has?
Katlyn Chookagian has 13 wins and 2 loss.

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Valentina Shevchenko

The 31-year-old representative of Kyrgyzstan has been fighting in professional MMA since 2003. In tournaments of secondary fighting organizations, Shevchenko collected a record of 11 wins and 12 fights, while the only loss to “Bullet” was due to a strong cut (in the almost won battle against Liz Karmush). In the UFC promotion, Valentina held nine fights, losing only two of them – and both by controversial decisions to the Brazilian Amanda Nunes.

The career of the Kyrgyz athlete in the UFC is one of those cases when even the most “clean record” is not able to demonstrate the highest level of a fighter. Valentina is the owner of dozens of world titles in martial arts, as well as the professional title “The Best Woman – a Thai Boxer in the World.” It would seem that on this listing you can finish reading and immediately go bet on her wins, but we will try to examine the future match in more detail.

However, not one of them ended with a knockout or submission. The stumbling block for Valentina in both cases was the Brazilian lightweight champion Amanda Nunes. The judges gave her wins both by separate and unanimous decision.

After the second defeat, Shevchenko realized that she could repeat her early success if she returned to flyweight again. And this decision fully paid off. In the last four battles, she literally destroyed her opponents and even managed to take the belt from the toughest “straw” of the division – Joanna Jedrzejczy, who was previously called the best lightweight in UFC history.

Last year, Valentina had two fights and is not going to slow down. She has no downtime, she is always in a state of the preparatory camp, ready at any moment to go into the octagon. Its main advantages are the highest impact technique of Muay Thai and kickboxing. At the same time, the girl does not hesitate to perform difficult judo throws and transfer the match to the ground, however, she does this not so often.

Nevertheless, such a suicidal arsenal was enough for her in the vast majority of her fights to “shoot” confused opponents in counterattacks. Valentina also has a wonderful sense of space in the octagon and almost never allows an opponent to dominate the center or push her to the grid.

Shevchenko won the championship belt, defeating Joanna Angielczyk in December 2018. And last year, “Bullet” twice defended the title, defeating Jessica Ai and Liz Karmush. Valentina’s basic style is kickboxing. She has excellent shock and wrestling training.

Katlyn Chookagian

Chookagian, an American of Armenian descent, began her professional career in 2014. Having collected a record of seven wins in the same number of fights, Katlyn signed a contract with the UFC. At the promotion tournaments, she spent eight fights and won six victories in two defeats – from Liz Carmouche and Jessica Ay, both times by a separate decision of the judges. Last year, Chookagian fought against Joanne Calderwood and Jennifer Maya, in both cases winning points.

But not only Shevchenko can boast an early career start and excellent statistics in MMA. Katlyn Chookagian, an American of Armenian descent, started karate at the age of four and trained her whole life. But more than her professional experience, only her incredible endurance and perseverance amaze in Chookagian. On May 9, 2015, she held two victorious bouts in a row on the same day. It’s about battles against Lynn Wennergren and Melinda Fabian.

But what can she oppose to Valentina? First of all, you should not focus on the brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, because in the octagon, the Chookagian style partially resembles Shevchenko’s honed strike, albeit not as fast. In previous meetings, Katlyn thoroughly read the actions of each rival and understood that she could afford long protracted series instead of transferring to the ground. However, most likely, in the battle against the representative of Kyrgyzstan, she will have to change tactics and begin to engage more actively in clinics at the net and fight, because it is unlikely that she can even beat Bullet in all five rounds.

Shevchenko will also slightly change his approach to the fight and, perhaps, will not try so hard to arrange the next throw, but will continue successful attacking series.

Katlyn is a versatile fighter without a one-time knockout punch, but with good punch and grappler training.

Katlyn Chookagian has a more modest list of games, but there the primary results are wins, therefore, the best outcome today is a success, to which they will strive with all their might. An interesting fact is that there can be no draw, it is much more difficult to choose a winner, when during the time allotted for the duel they did not reveal the strongest and the decision is for the judges, by the way – this is the calmest indicator not highly appreciated by betters since it is very difficult to predict before the start duel.

Moreover, the results of this girl are increasingly marked by all three rounds. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that anyone will risk big money today, but again, if you include this match in the betting system, you can choose any outcome without fear of losing, although hope should still be present.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Katlyn Chookagian Prediction

Let’s move on to comparing rivals. Katlyn has a solid advantage in height and span of arms, which he uses well. This may bring Valentina some difficulty in finding the distance of attack. Anyway, in the Chookagian stance, a rather uncomfortable fighter. She herself does so much work and does not allow her rivals to “clear up”.

Valentina’s experience and level of the fighter are much higher. In an attack, Shevchenko is much more accurate and more reliable in defense. In the stalls, of course, will be its advantage.

We can say that Chookagian is such a spoiler. It’s hard to hit with an accurate blow, and even her anthropometry is such. Valentina will definitely not be easy. But what else can Chookagian oppose?

Shevchenko is much more experienced, she has excellent timing and high fighting intelligence. And there is no such aspect in which Chookagian could impose her superiority. We expect to see an uncomfortable match for Valentina.

Valentina Shevchenko surpasses the opponent in all aspects of the battle, and it depends only on her – the fight will last all the rounds or will end early.

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