Lopez recently turned 38 years old, and he continues to compete at the highest level. The Spaniard does not depend on any particular gaming aspect, he still boasts speed and stamina. Can Feliciano surprise Umber?

At what time does the Ugo Humbert vs Feliciano Lopez play?
The game time is February 5, 2020, TBD

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Ugo Humbert takes the 43th positions and Feliciano Lopez takes the 55th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Ugo Humbert have?
Ugo Humbert has won 44% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Feliciano Lopez have?
Feliciano Lopez has won 46.23% of the games as a favorite.

Ugo Humbert

Last season, Humbert focused exclusively on Challengers. He won three titles, regularly performed in the final stages and naturally made his debut in the top 100. This year, the Frenchman began to try his hand at the ATP round and immediately shot, as he won the tournament in Auckland.

Humbert stands out as an attacking potential, as he can quickly finish draws and constantly put pressure on his opponents. However, if Humbert wants to continue to progress and raise in the ranking, then he needs to improve the results on the ground, where he often loses to everyone.

Feliciano Lopez

In the past two years, Lopez has repeatedly stated that he is ending his professional career. But he still performs and competes in the ATP tour. Last season, Feliciano won the tournament in London, where he scored rating points and now has confidence in the top 60.

Although the Spaniard is 38 years old, he still withstands protracted exchanges of blows, has a powerful serve and can give battle to any opponent. What the problems were with is concentration, because Lopez is not able to hold several tournaments at the same level.

Statistics and personal meetings

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Humbert at the peak of his form, he recently won the debut ATP tournament, rested and confident. In addition, the Frenchman will play at the home tournament, where he always has full support from the stands. There will be no easy walk against Lopez, because the Spaniard is also with a powerful serve and can compete in draws. But still, Humbert must win.

  • Our predictionHumbert will win

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