Top Esports on March 25th will fight against JD Gaming, and our experts will make a prediction for this event. What is the best bet on this confrontation? Read our prediction below.

Top Esports

Top Esports has gotten off to a good start in the new season and is still in the playoff zone with 12 points. However, the team has not celebrated two victories in a row for a long time and usually alternates successful matches with defeats. For example, recently the team defeated Vici (2:1), then lost IG (0:2) and again got Victoria against Dominus Esports – 2:0. We emphasize that in 2019 the team did not lose a single duel to its Vici

JD Gaming

JD Gaming started very powerful and much better than the opponent. The team is quite deservedly on the third line of the general table and in the aggregate scored 15 points. Recall that the Chinese had a series of three wins, which was interrupted only in the previous meeting with EDG – 1:2. Previously, JD were successful over Victory Five (2:0), Vici (2:1) and even Bilibili Gaming (2:0). Last season the Asian squad couldn’t boast of such results.


  • JD Gaming has won three out of four matches.
  • Top Esports lost in two of the four games.
  • JD is in third place in the table.

Top Esports vs JD Gaming Prediction

In our opinion, JD Gaming is now much stronger than its rival and feels the game perfectly, giving a fight back even to the leaders. Top Esports can’t come to their senses yet, and victories alternate with failures, so in this confrontation we will give our vote for JD.

Top Esports vs JD Gaming live stream