On May 9, at 8:00 PM (ET), American fighter Tony Ferguson will be considered the favorite of the confrontation when he enters the octagon against compatriot Justin Gaethje in the Absolute Fighting Championship. How to bet? Check our prediction!

At what time Ferguson and Gaethje fight?
The fight time is May 9, 2020, at 08:00 PM (ET).

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+, UFC.TV, Fox Sports Go

How many wins and losses Ferguson have?
Tony Ferguson has 25 wins and 3 loss.

How many wins and losses dos Gaethje have?
Justin Ray Gaethje has 21 wins and 2 losses.

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Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson spent a full-fledged camp and is physically 100% ready for fight. Problems can be created only by the fact that the new opponent is completely different from Habib. The entire training system of Tony was based on the ability to resist the takedowns of the champion, and tactics were based on the same. In a fight with Justin Gatgy, you don’t need anything like that, and if there is a stall here, it is up to Tony himself to decide. The second question is mental. Ferguson is very disappointed that the duel with Habib broke and whether he can tune in to a fight with Gaethje , whom, incidentally, doesn’t consider a serious rival – a big question.

Ferguson is an uncrowned champion. He has long earned a belt. On his account 12 wins in a row in the strongest league in the world. He beat all the best fighters, except Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. And if the Irishman simply doesn’t want to fight him, then the fight with Nurmagomedov seems damned.

Ferguson last lost in May 2012 as part of the UFC on FOX 3 tournament in a fight against Michael Johnson. Then Tony lost by unanimous decision. That is, almost eight years without defeat. This is a major achievement for the lightweight fighter, who performs quite often.

Recently, Ferguson in the octagon is not as mobile and speedy as before. Affects age, he is already 36 years old. However, he will give odds to any young guy. Ferguson recently cracked down on tops like Rafael dos Anjos, Kevin Lee, Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone. The last two were defeated by technical knockouts. Ferguson is still dangerous. The best in it’s elbows and knees, as well as fighting spirit.

Justin Ray Gaethje

Justin Gaethje claims that he also had a camp and was preparing for the fight, hoping to replace one of the fighters if necessary. And so it happened, but in Justin’s words about the camp, perhaps, there is some cunning. Without a doubt, he trained, but this training was most likely general, without a sight at a specific opponent and at a specific date of the fight. Will he have 10-12 days to prepare tactics for a duel with Ferguson, where he will need to show 100% his best qualities and stop Tony from doing the same?

Gaethje came to the UFC in 2017 and during this time held six fights in the promotion, in which he won four times and suffered two defeats. Prior to the UFC, he was the undefeated lightweight champion in the WSOF League (now PFL).

The debut in the UFC was successful. Gaethje in a bloody meat grinder managed to knock out Michael Johnson. Then Justin lost two in a row: Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier. It seemed that the golden boy had exhausted all his potential, but no matter how.

Justin is now on a series of three wins. He beat James Vick, Edson Barboza and Donald Cerrone. Justin is the most spectacular fighter in the UFC lightweight division and proves this in every fight. Throughout his career (23 matches), only two fights ended in a referee’s decision.

Most often, he wins by knockouts and technical knockouts – 18 wins. Its strong point is the exchange of blows at medium and close range and knockout power.


Ferguson vs Gaethje Prediction

A rare case: analysts at bookmakers sensibly assessed the chances of fighters. The growth of the fighters is the same: 5′ 11″. But Tony has a huge advantage in the reach of his arms – 76.5 in. The big difference in hand span will play a key role in this fight. Justin is comfortable fighting only in the middle distance: he draws close and hits with short hooks (ideally from a clinch). It would not be difficult for Ferguson to keep him at a distance using the length of his hands and his beloved middle-kick. And if Justin gets too close, he runs the risk of being in the stalls, which for Gaethje is much more dangerous.

According to statistics, Justin hits more, but at the same time he misses 3 times more often. Gages are a powerful puncher. He has 18 wins by knockout in 23 fights, in short – a grunt. He needs a dull knockout, and he will go forward. And Tony meets his opponents with a small swing of his arms with his elbows, which turns the opponent’s face into a bloody mess. Even if Gaethje gets in, it will not be enough: Ferguson takes each knockdown in phenomenal ways to the ground, and there the opponent is waiting for a strangler.

Justin sags on cardio due to constant pressure (Gaethje just got to the fourth round with Poirier), and Tony’s middle name is endurance. But there is the most important point: Gaethje comes out on a short notice, and it’s not clear how he trained before the announcement of the fight. In all respects, the favorite is Tony.

Many fans initially recorded Gaethje as an outsider of the fight. But don’t underestimate it. He is five years younger than Ferguson and can create a real sensation and win a temporary title. Few people know, but Justin is a basic fighter. In this component, Ferguson will have a hard time competing with him. But, as everyone knows, Gaethje is a real grunt, with whom it’s better not to go in exchange. Ferguson is the same berry. Therefore, the octagon war awaits us.

Gaethje is absolutely right that he doesn’t lose anything in this fight. We predict Ferguson win. Level, opt and form speak for themselves. Anyway, we wait for a big fight. Don’t forget to bet!

  • Our prediction: Ferguson Win

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