One of the most spectacular events at UFC Fight Night 167 will be Tim Mins’ fight against Daniel Rodriguez. The experienced Means is in a decline in his career, alternating victories with defeats. For Rodriguez, the upcoming fight will be the debut at the top level, although by combat standards he is not young.

At what time Tim Means vs Daniel Rodriguez fight?
The fight time is February 15, 2020, at 5:40 PM ET

Where to watch the fight?
Will be shown ESPN+

How many wins and losses Tim Means have?
Tim Means has 29 wins and 11 loss

How many wins and losses Daniel Rodriguez have?
Daniel Rodriguez has 9 wins and 1 loss

Tim “The Dirty Bird” Means

The fighter represents the hall Fit NHB, a Thai boxer. He prefers to work in a rack and wedge, but also has a brown belt on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and periodically resorts to the available skills of the game’s round, throwing opponents sabmies – just like in the last fight.

He made his UFC debut and beat Bernardo Magalhaes and Justin Salas, but then lost to Jorge Masvidal and Danny Castillo. As a result, Means lost his rating but didn’t get upset and hit Pete Spratt and Artenas Young at LFC, earning a new offer from UFC.

After returning to the promotion Tim gave 6 wins with 2 defeats. Then he won Alex Garcia, lost Belal Muhammad and Sergio Moraes, changed his victory over Ricky Rainey with a loss from Niko Price and in the last battle upset Thiago Alves.

Daniel “D-Rod” Rodriguez

Like his opponent, the fighter started to fight by the rules of mixed martial arts in amateurs, though he collected there a more impressive record – 7-0. In the professional status of Rodriguez in different organizations, but most of his fights were in tournaments promoted by Combate Americas, where he suffered the only defeat in his career – a separate decision from Victor Reyna.

In general, although Daniel fought with skilled opponents like Justin Baesman and Ivan Castillo, his opposition left much to be desired. Last summer, with an asset record of 8-1, he went to the content provider of Dana White, in which Rico Farrington won by unanimous decision, but was left without a contract with UFC. A little later, Rodriguez received a short time-shot at Smash Global. He took full advantage of it, beating Quinton McCottrell and wearing the organization’s half-weight champion belt around his waist with a top promotion.

Means vs Rodriguez Prediction

Of course, the meeting of Tim with Ramazan Emeev looked more attractive, but this fight is also interesting – at least because the finish of KO/TCO is waiting for us here. According to anthropometric indicators the fighters are approximately equal and both have some skills in the parterre, but even more like to stand on their feet and attack.

In general, defense has never been Rodriguez’s strong point, and his rivals could not take advantage of it just because of their low class. It’s true that by climbing into exchanges, he not only stands up for himself, but also, having the power in his fists, is a danger to the visa. And all would be fine, however, Means seldom when against getting picked up and misses relatively much. At the same time, Rodriguez has a pretty good round and round.

Our prediction: Tim Means will win.

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