UFC 246 mixed martial arts tournament will be held on January 18 in Las Vegas (USA). Askar Askarov, the Russian flyweight champion, will perform as part of the show. His opponent will be American Tim Elliott.

Tim Elliott

The American has been playing at the UFC since 2012 but has not achieved any significant achievements. He was always considered a near-to top fighter. Recently, victories alternate with defeats. In 2016, by unanimous decision of the judges, he lost to Demetrius Johnson and could not become the champion of promotion.

Elliott spent his last fight in October last year as part of the UFC Fight Night 161 tournament and lost the submission in the first round.

Throughout his career, he only once met with a representative from Russia. At the UFC 167 tournament in November 2013, he lost to Ali Bagautinov on points.

Askar Askarov

The former champion of the Russian league ACB debuted at the UFC in September 2019 and, unfortunately, could not win. His duel against Brandon Moreno ended in a draw.

Prior to this, Askarov won 10 consecutive victories. Askar is a native of the struggle and most often wins with painful and suffocating tricks – seven times (70% of the total number of victories).

Tim Elliott vs. Askar Askarov Prediction

The favorite in this confrontation is the Russian mixfighter. Elliott speaks at the middle level, and now it is clear that his best years are behind. Askarov drags him in the stalls, the level of struggle of the athlete from Russia is a cut above. I’m not sure if Askarov will be able to finish the fight ahead of schedule, but he is obliged to win. Especially after the obscene debut in the promotion.

The victory of Askar Askarov, for the coefficient 1.75