Thiago Monteiro is confidently moving to the next finale this season. In the quarterfinal of the tournament in Buenos Aires, the Brazilian will play against Pedro Souza on February 14. Can Monteiro go further? – read in our prediction.

At what time will Thiago Monteiro vs Pedro Sousa play?
The game time is February 14, 2020, at 09:00 PM ART.

What are the player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Thiago Monteiro takes the 92nd position and Pedro Sousa takes the 145th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Thiago Monteiro have?
Thiago Monteiro has won 63% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Pedro Sousa have?
Pedro Sousa has won 55% of the games as a favorite.

Thiago Monteiro

Thiago Moura Monteiro, despite the high place in the world tennis ranking, is not among the favorites at this tournament, since last year the flight was there at an early stage. But, after a year, Thiago Moura Monteiro can demonstrate his experience and ability to read the game, so this time the results will definitely not be so deplorable.

Now Thiago Moura Monteiro is among the talented representatives of tennis since progress is visible on the face, so now no one is surprised at the exits to the semi-finals and final matches. Yes, Tiago Moura Monteiro does not yet have the titles, but this only proves that the 92nd racket of the world is hungry for trophies and will demonstrate maximum motivation in every game.

In addition, this tournament is held on clay courts, and more than twenty matches have already been played on clay this season so that Thiago Moura Monteiro will be able to feel confident about this coverage and will try to take advantage of his tactical advantages.

Monteiro is showing excellent results on the ground this season. In eight games played, the Brazilian won seven wins. He has won the competitions in Punta del Este and two wins in the current tournament in Buenos Aires.

In Argentina, Monteiro defeated Huame Muniara (6-3, 6-3) in the first round, and then defeated the Croatian Borna Choric (6-4, 7-6).

Pedro Sousa

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Pedro Sousa has little game practice. Only three matches were played, all of which ended in defeat, and only one managed to win one set. It was in a game with opponents who are significantly lower in the ranking of world tennis. So, even though last year at this tournament we managed to get into the quarter-finals, it will be a surprise if this time at least we can overcome the qualification matches.

Pedro Sousa demonstrates an extremely weak level because there is no such aspect of the game in which there would be no problems. And with the filing, problems began, and the reception worsened, so that the marriage is visible around. Pedro Sousa does not feel the backline, and the area near the net cannot be blocked simply because of poor speed.

What happened in the offseason is not clear, so it is hoped that with an increase in playing practice the situation will improve so that Pedro Sousa will not look so hopeless in all matches.

Souza is a lover of clay courts. It is on this surface that you can most often find a Portuguese tennis player. Last season, Souza won two trophies on the ground, this year he has not been marked by anything significant.

At current competitions in Buenos Aires, Souza defeated Facundo Diaz Acosta (4-6, 6-2, 6-3) in the first round, and defeated Jozef Kovalik in two tie-breaks in the second round (7-6, 7- 6).

Betting Tips Statistics

  • For personal meetings, Monteiro leads with a score of 1-0.
  • The only PM on the ground ended with the wins of Monteiro in two games.

Thiago Monteiro vs Pedro Sousa Predictions

Monteiro scored an excellent move – in eight games played on the ground this season, the Brazilian lost only once. We are waiting for Tiago in the next finale, and therefore in the upcoming meeting, we propose to put on it. He already beat the sauce on the ground – last year in two games.

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