The main event of the EFC Worldwide 84 will be held this weekend in the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. Themba “The Answer” Gorimbo vs Lyle “Krusher” Karam will fight for the Welterweight Title

At what time Gorimbo and Karam fight?
The fight time is Saturday March 14, 12:00 AM ET

Where to watch the fight?
DAZN, Fight Sports, Best 4 Sports, KTN, IB Sports, TV Zimbo

How many wins and losses Gorimbo have?
Themba Gorimbo has 8 wins and 2 losses.

How many wins and losses Karam have?
Lyle Karam has 6 wins and no losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Themba Gorimbo Lyle Karam
Age 28 23
Weight 162.9 lbs (73.9 kgs) 169.8 lbs (77.0 kgs)
Height 6’0″ (183 cm) 6’0″ (183 cm)
Reach 76.4″ (194cm) 76.0″ (193cm)
Number of fights 8 6
Wins 6 6
Defeat 2

Themba Gorimbo

MMA fighter Temba Takura Gorimbo represents Zimbabwe. He started his professional career in 2013 and so far he has had 8 fights, 6 winning of them and losing 2, one to the South African Leon Mynhardt and the other one to the US American Dave Mazany. He took part in tournaments of EFC and IFC promotions. He has met with such opponents as: Chaz Wasserman, Chimmy van Winkel, Joe Cummins.

EFC 79 Fight Night at Carnival City on May 04, 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
(Photo by Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide/Gallo Images)

Last year Themba bacame the first Zimbabwean to win the EFC Welterweight Grand Prix. Gorimbo is extremely ambitious and is straightforwardly focused to put his name in the history of this sport.

Lyle Karam

MMA fighter Lyle Karam represents the country South Africa. He started his professional career in 2014 and has fought in 6 bouts winning all of them. He participated in tournaments of EFC promotions. He has met such opponents as: Okosso Mweniemali, Tyron Bester, Mark Hulme.

Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa, EFC Welterweight bout Photo by: Ruby Wolff / EFC WorldWide 2015

Lyle has a good statistics but he Themba will be his first serious opponent on the ring. Being the youngster he had been trained with Dricusdu Plessis and the CIT teams and then moved to Australia joining Absolute MMA well known for such stars as Lachlan Gilles and Craig Jones. The upcoming fight against Gorimbo could be a golden key to his career turn

Betting Tips Statistics

  • The athletes have the same height
  • Themba reaches 1 cm wider than Lyle
  • The legspan of Karam is 6 cm larger
  • Gorimbo has the orthodox stance while Karam has the southpaw

Gorimbo vs Karam Prediction

The bookmakers give more chances and it’s a fully argumented position. His raised right punch could be the ultimate condemnation for every sportsman. His natural characteristics are more threatening than that of his counterpart. Karam’s professional developement is slow but consistent and a sudden knockout is still possible to await.

  • Our prediction: Themba Gorimbo Will Win.

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