Liquid unexpectedly lost the last match, and on March 28 will try to revenge in the upcoming confrontation with 100 Thieves, for which we have prepared a prediction.

Team Liquid

Liquid shows an unstable game recently and in the starting match literally defeated the MIBR with the score 2:0, and in the second match themselves became victims of Swole Patrol, who unexpectedly lost dry. The team did a great job on the first map, and he took nine rounds for the attack, but showed a terrible performance for the defense. At their own peak, Overpass, the horses only took 12 rounds.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves, though not very confident, still managed Swole Patrol 2:1 and then defeated Evil Geniuses. The deciding card in the fight with the “evil geniuses” was the Nuke card, on which the Australians did not leave a chance to their opponent and gave a total of six rounds. Three players – Gratisfaction, AZR and jks – ended the game with a positive result.


  • 100 Thieves won the last two games.
  • Liquid lost in the last match 0:2.

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves Prediction

In our opinion, 100 Thieves have everything now to win at least one card against Liquid. Firstly, the tournament is online, which means there is no additional pressure on the Australians. Secondly, the Liquids played very badly in their last match. On this basis, we take the plus-playing forum of “thieves”.

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves live stream