On January 20 2020 Tamara Zidanšek and Na-Lae Han faced each other in a match from WTA Australia Open in Melbourne. 

Tamara Zidanšek

This season Tamara Zidanšek shows the best form in her career. A strong game was demonstrated in the first tournament, after which he managed to reach the semi-finals at the Masters, despite the fact that the start was still in qualification. In this tournament the Czech player shows a powerful game again and easily copes with those opponents who are caught by the draw. So far all the matches have been won early, so Zidanšek also saves energy, which can play an important role in this match if it is not won in advance.

Na-Lae Han

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Na-Lae Han has not enough game practice. There were only three games played, all of them ended in defeats, and only one set was won. Na-Lae Han has a very weak level, because there is no aspect of the game that has no problems.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tamara Zidanšek on 69 position in Rank
  • Na-Lae Han on 177 position in Rank
  • Zidanšek had won seven previous matches, with five early wins with only one defeat.

Tamara Zidanšek vs Na-Lae Han Game Prediction

Personal meetings between Tamara Zidanšek and Na-Lae Han emphasize that the opponents prefer active attacking tennis, although they can change the usual tactics by playing on the opponent’s mistakes. They are predicted to play a spectacular and active match in which the spectators will be pleased with bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.

Our prediction – Tamara Zidanšek to win