It was joy for a single individual from Leicester in the expense of the Aston Villa lovers that are despairing, because he won Super 6’s #250,000 jackpot prize, but what was his recipe for success?
The Super 6 jackpot was landed by ian Leggat out of Leicester, chiefly due to Kevin Friend’s decision to punish Jack Grealish for chalk-off and simulation Aston Villa’s last-minute equaliser from Crystal Palace.
Ian had predicted that the six correct scorelines heading to injury time, following Kurt Zouma’s own-goal supposed Sheffield United were drawing.
He had relied upon a 3-1 win because of his home-town club Leicester over Bournemouth, a home win for also a win for West Ham, also a 1-1 draw between Newcastle and Watford along with Premier League champions City to finish his weekend.
Two other players correctly predicted all six scores, taking their Super 6 points total to 30, but Ian additionally had the sixth minute as his Golden Goal choice (if the very first Super 6 goal will be scored), that had been closest to the second minute in which Kevin De Bruyne opened the scoring for Manchester City.
Ian signed up for Super 6 March 2015 and it is not before the weekend that he tasted Super 6 success. Below are three facts that highlight how Ian has done Through the Years together along with his Super 6 predictions, along with three reasons why You Shouldn’t Shed hope of landing the jackpot:
2015/16 Season:
Rounds entered: 45
Total points: 287
Average score: 6.4
Very best score: 16
2016/17 Season:
Entered: 48
Total factors: 309
Score: 6.4
Very best score: 16
2017/18 Season:
Entered: 55
Factors: 354
Score: 6.4
Best score: 17
2018/19 Season:
Rounds entered: 51
Points: 390
Score: 7.6
Finest score: 16
2019/20 Season:
Entered: 5
Points: 38
Average score: 7.6
Finest score: 30
It was not want of trying, however Ian Leggat succeeded, and it shows a nice illustration of how resilience could repay. His average scores across the years highlight you do not have to be a world-beater equally, or to win Super 6 understand your football.
The game if free-to-play and Ian, in this situation has won for selecting six predictions, # 250,000. On landing the prize 10, why miss out?
Although Super 6 yields this week with a 250,000 jackpot around, the week after, when the Premier League returns is still a guaranteed #250,000 around, meaning the greatest points scorer is certain to win the jackpot, even whether they score 30 points. Play here for free!
Saturday’s Super 6 fittings:
Coventry v Blackpool
Fleetwood v Oxford
Wycombe v Lincoln
Bradford v Northampton
Mansfield v Scunthorpe
Morecambe v Salford

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