Steve Johnson in the first round of the tournament in New York on February 11 will play with Tennys Sandgren. The American derby at the tournament in New York is too predictable. But predictability is easily washed away by a great match. It is a good fight that we expect from the confrontation between Sandgren and Johnson. This year, Tennys has already made a loud announcement about itself, as it was paired with Federer at AO. Roger solidly raised recognition for the young guy. Young, of course, in terms of professionalism.

Today, two tennis players with a powerful serve will intersect on the court. The game is likely to be protracted as the players are equal. I think that Tennys Sandgren has more chances to win, especially if he continues to demonstrate the same game as at Australian Open. How will the meeting of two Americans end? – read in our prediction.

At what time does Steve Johnson vs Tennys Sandgren play?
The game time is February 11, 2020, at 00:30 AM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Steve Johnson takes the 75th positions and Tennys Sandgren takes the 53d position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do Steve Johnson have?
Steve Johnson has won 66% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Tennys Sandgren have?
Tennys Sandgren has won 64% of the games as a favorite.

Steve Johnson

Johnson has already won the title this season. In January, Steve won a victory at a tournament in Bendigo. In the final, Johnson defeated the Italian tennis player Stefano Travaglia (7-6, 7-6).

On Australian Open, the US representative was unable to overcome the starting circle, in which he won the lot of Roger Federer (3-6, 2-6, 2-6).

It is unlikely that Johnson relishes his return to tournaments indoor. He lost his last 8 matches on indoor courts, and won just 38% of the games that were played indoors throughout his career. But the American’s form is not bad this year, and he is quite capable of competing with players at the level not higher than the top 50, even in the hated indoor.

Tennys Sandgren

For Sandgren, by far the most successful tournament of the season is Australian Open. In Melbourne, Tennys managed to get to the quarter finals of the competition, where he lost to Roger Federer.

Although the match against the Swiss was developing for Sandgren in the best way – the American had seven matchballs during the match, but failed to use them. As a result, Tennys lost the meeting in five sets (3-6, 6-2, 6-2, 6-7, 3-6).

Tennys Sandgren, who also has negative stats indoors. However, we must pay tribute – Tennys arrives in New York in a much better shape than his compatriot. While Steve won the Challenger level title, Sandgren reached the quarterfinals of the AO, although this tournament ended up heartbreaking for him, as Tennys missed the 7 point match, losing to Roger Federer.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In personal meetings, the score is 2-2. Tennys players previously met twice and divided the victory equally. In 2013, Sandgren triumphed, but five years later Johnson returned
  • Sandgren scored four victories in his last five games, Johnson won three.
  • Over the past five matches, Johnson has lost twice.
  • Over the past five victories, Johnson has only once given a set to his rivals.


At this tournament, Sandgren is number five, so it is only thanks to this fact that he should be considered a favorite. But Johnson is not the first year in business, so it’s not possible to figure out this player once or twice. Still, this is the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games. So no matter how much they praised Sandgren, but Tennys is unlikely to easily get away with his first rival.

A meeting of two tennis players with a powerful serve, which, most likely, will go over. As for preferences, we will give them to Sandgren, who demonstrated an incredible game in the Australian Open. Recall that in a major in Melbourne, Tennys got to the quarter finals, where he could calmly beat the great Roger Federer, having seven match balls.

Our prediction is Sandgren’s victory

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