On April 15 at 9:00 (UTC), Sprout and forZe will meet as part of the Home Sweet Home Cup 2. The last meeting between the two teams was last year. What will surprise these two teams this time? Check our prediction.


Sprout recently participated in Home Sweet Home, where they went through the group stage without problems and reached the playoffs. In the playoffs, the team met with SKADE and BIG. Against SKADE, the German team was uncomfortable in the game, but that didn’t stop them from cracking down on the score (2:0). With BIG (0:2), the organization felt helpless, for two maps they were able to score 12 rounds in total and lost as a result.

The Germans have a rich Mappool, but on Overpass they all can’t start winning, but on Mirage they have a 93% win rate.


ForZe participated in many tournaments this year, like the ESL Pro League. At this tournament, the team performed well, they scored nine points and could leave the group, but lost in full-time meetings to NAVI and Fnatic. Also, the Russian squad participated in the Home Sweet Home Cup, where e-sportsmen were able to get to the playoffs, but lost in the game against Spirit (1:2). The team won the first map with difficulties and it seemed that they should download, but Dust 2 wasn’t lucky, and then the “dragons” dealt with the rival on Mirage.

The best map for the team is Inferno, there is 84% ​​win rate.

Betting Statistics

  • Sprout won three of the last four Mirage
  • ForZe three of the last four Inferno won
  • Sprout lost one of last five games

Sprout vs ForZe Prediction

Equal rivals will converge in the upcoming match, and it will be difficult to predict who will prevail. Both teams perform well and they have a good map, but there are maps on which they show flawless cop. We believe that opponents will not leave today without a fight.

  • Our prediction: Total Over 2.5 maps

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