On January 20 there will be a match at the Australian Open, where Sorana Cîrstea and the Barbora Strýcová will be on court.

Sorana Cîrstea

This season Sorana Cîrstea shows a faded game, because there were played six fights on the ground, three of which were lost. We can see that the Romanian player plays very hard on the ground, because previously it was possible to take part only in those tournaments that were held on the hard surface. Cîrstea can only demonstrate an aggressive quick game, but with viscous ground matches the matter is not yet developed. She will most likely not only bet on her pitch, but will also try to play well at the reception.

Barbora Strýcová

Last season she managed to break through to the main grid of all Grand Slam tournaments, which is already a good achievement for the debutants. This season Barbora Strýcová is also just passing qualifying stages, but it’s not possible to go further, as here is a completely different level of players. Strýcová prefers strength tennis, but it is suitable only in case of weak or equal opponents, and representatives of the first hundred world ranking on one strength is very difficult to pass.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Sorana Cîrstea on 74 position in Rank
  • Barbora Strýcová on 33 position in Rank

Sorana Cîrstea vs Barbora Strýcová Game Prediction

Sorana Cîrstea is an obvious leader in this confrontation, as there have been eight personal meetings before, and they were won seven times, with five of them being won early. In previous matches at the tournament Sorana Cîrstea acted rather mediocrely on her pitch. If previous opponents were much lower level, then Barbora Strýcová is unlikely to forgive such a thing. We predict that due to more experiences Sorana Cîrstea will win.

Our prediction – Sorana Cîrstea to win