On March 4, the American Sofia Kenin will start in the first round of the tournament in Lyon against Diatchenko.

After winning the Australian Open, Kenin got a bit stuck, as she had already lost three consecutive games. The most important thing is that she looks very inexpressive on the court and makes many unusual mistakes. Will she be able to interrupt the unsuccessful series?

In the predictiont for the match we offer to evaluate the readiness of the tennis players for the start.

At what time are Sofia Kenin and Vitalia Diatchenko to play?
The game time is March 4, 2020, at 5:00 PM (UTC+1).

What are the players’ positions in WTA rankings?
Sofia Kenin takes the 5th position and Vitalia Diatchenko takes the 107th position in WTA Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses does Kenin have?
Sofia Kenin has won 63.5% of the games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does Diatchenko have?
Vitalia Diatchenko has won 65.3% of the games as a favorite.

Sofia Kenin

I’s hard for Sofia Kenin now. The tennis player herself admitted that she was not ready for such increased attention after her success in Melbourne.

As a result, out of the last four fights Sofia won only one match. Last week there was a defeat in Doha from Yastremska (3-6, 6-7). There are also doubts in terms of motivation. However, the tournament in Lyon is not the most prestigious, Sofia has no great experience of playing in European halls. There are big tournaments ahead in Indian Wells and Miami.

Kenin stands out for his ability to completely rebuild her game during the meeting. But she herself is unable to do so and depends entirely on her father, who helps her in every way. Even on Aussie Open it was he who helped Sophia in the second set of gestures stylistically change the game, and then as a result to win. The American woman herself stands out for her tenacity on the court and it is not always good. For example, in a recent match against Rybakina Kenin decided to take a second serve on the court, it was perfectly understood by Elena and varied the direction of the ball. As a result, Kenin took a second serve in the net and out the whole match, but she never thought of not entering the court.

Vitalia Diatchenko

Russian Vitalia Dyachenko in the season 2020 in the main grid of WTA tournaments does not have a single victory on his account. However, it should be noted that Vitalia is always ready for unexpected surprises and victories. In 2018 Diachenko was remembered for her victories at Wimbledon over Sharapova and Kenin.

This year three times Vitalia Dyachenko tried her hand at the main WTA tournaments. Without a fight with the court did not leave, took sets in matches against Sakkari and Collins. The tennis player feels great in the halls, having played 192 matches in her career, 140 of which were victorious.

Diatchenko’s potential is enormous, but she is already at 30 and the best times left behind. Vitalia stands out for her attacking potential. The tennis player could not fully realize herself because of constant health problems, because only the Russian woman begins to add, so immediately something new comes out. But the main problem with Diatchenko is that she is unable to keep her concentration throughout the meeting and only last year she suffered many defeats when she dominated the court, and then began to relax and miss the victory.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In the only personal meeting Diatchenko won.
  • This season Kenin has not played in the halls.
  • Before the start in Lyon Kenin had a series of three defeats.

Kenin vs Diatchenko Predictions

Many questions at the moment on the current form and the game Sofia Kenin. There’s not gonna be an easy walk for the American. There are visible failures in the course of matches, there is no self-confidence. Plus, the game will be played in the hall, where Diatchenko traditionally feels good. Vitalia acts on the court in a super attacking manner and if she hits, she can swing at victory We offer a prediction in favour of the Russian.

  • Our prediction: Vitalia Diatchenko Will Win.