Follow the Tennis match between Sofia Kenin and Naomi Osaka live. The match starts at 10:00 on 09 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

Sofia Kenin

For the first time, Kenin declared herself among the juniors when she smashed everyone in a row and was the second racket of the world. Even at that moment, everyone emphasized the American’s fighting character, because she goes to court and until the last rally bends her line, regardless of the situation. From that moment, the tennis player made a significant breakthrough and reached a completely new level for herself. We need to start with the fact that last season Sofia made her way to the Final tournament. Of course, as a spare, but played one match. In the course of last year, she won her first title in the WTA round, then immediately the second. Kenin stands out for his game because he goes to court not only to break the ball with all his strength into the other half but has a clear plan. Sophia is training under her father’s guidance (often it ends in failure, as evidenced by the careers of Georgie and Garcia), but he is the one who has been working with her from a very young age. Therefore, they both achieved the fact that now the tennis player is on the 14th line. In the game plan, the American is already able to compete at a high level. But there are psychological problems, and because of which she is not yet able to compete in such tournaments as “Big Helmets” and Masters.

Naomi Osaka

Last season, Osaka held just a few tournaments at a true level. This, of course, is Australia Open and WTA Beijing, Osaka. The rest of the time, the representative of Japan fought with psychological problems and, because of this, failed wherever possible, lost the first line in the ranking. It should be noted that Naomi herself was to blame for all the problems, who at one point began to think that she was not dependent on anyone, therefore she fired the coach at the beginning of the year (under whose leadership she achieved all successes). Then psychological problems arose, she lost confidence in her own abilities and barely interrupted the ball through the net. In the offseason, Osaka spent a minimum of time on vacation, because she worked hard, found a new mentor (could not work with her father) and is now ready to head the rating again. At the moment, the tennis player is on an incredible series of victories, which is 12 matches. The start of the season was not bad, because Naomi was in the fight, but still closed the difficult Saqqara. And already at the first tournaments, it will be obvious in what form the Japanese woman is moving and what to expect from her in the future.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players met twice on the court, each got one victory.

Sofia Kenin vs Naomi Osaka Predictions

In the upcoming match, you immediately need to exclude bets on the outcome. Because the girls have played with each other many times (even among juniors), and are principled rivals. Osaka definitely does not want to interrupt his long series of victories, and Kenin will strive to demonstrate that she has reached the level where she is able to compete with rivals of the top 10. In this situation, it is worth betting on the total, because no one will lose without a fight.