Very soon on March 22 the next game will bring together SKADE and EndPoint teams. Opponents will fight as part of the ESEA Advanced Season 33 Europe CS:GO tournament.


Bulgarians were an obvious favorite in the game with HellRaisers, but the Risen from hell cheerfully started and almost overturned SKADE. The guys had a hard time beating their opponents 2-1, and then played against Juggernauts. In the meeting with the Serbs, the guys did everything perfectly, and they defeated the opponents.

Teodor (SPELLAN) Nikolov (Rock1nG) Stratiev (rafftu) Turbinov (Rainwaker) Petrov (dennyslaw) Dimitrov will play for SKD.

The total winrate is higher than that of SKADE and is 57.75%.


Yesterday, Endpoint was torn by a Unique 2:0. The Unique couldn’t show anything comprehensible on its own peak mirage (9:16), and on dust2 looked very weak – 6:16. We liked the European game, and they have a cool chance to win at least one card.

For EdP Robin (robiin) SjögrenKia (Surreal) ManJoey (CRUC1AL) SteuselMax (MiGHTYMAX) HeathThomas (Thomas) Utting will be playing.

Interesting Facts

  • Wins in last 5 matches: SKADE – 4 / EndPoint – 2
  • Wins in last 10 matches: SKADE – 8 / EndPoint – 3
  • Before this game, the teams didn’t play with each other.

SKADE vs Endpoint Prediction

At the moment, according to the forecasts of leading bookmakers, the favorite team of the match is SKADE with an average ratio of 1.444. Accordingly, bookmakers see EndPoint as the outsider of the match with the odds of victory about 2.682.

Our prediction: SKADE will win

SKADE – Endpoint live stream