Finally, Kenin will meet with a strong opponent in AO, because before that, two circles, she came across passing opponents. Let Trevisan and Lee not be offended, but they really are weaker than Sophia. But Shuai Zhang can already create problems for an American. This is evidenced not only by its current form, but also by the history of full-time confrontation. So Kenin will have to oh how hard.

Bet and win

Shuai Zhang

In the 1/32 finals, Shuai Zhang beat Caty McNally confidently 2-0 in batches. In the first installment, Shuai Zhang initially adapted to her opponent’s game, and when she understood how to play with an American, she quickly beat her with back-breaks with a score of 6:2. In the 2nd installment, there was a critical moment when Zhang lost, her opponent gave the lead 2-4, but the Chinese woman managed not to get out of the fight, adjusted the reception and won the set ending and the match 6-4 from the first match without any problems.

Sofia Kenin

Sofia Kenin in the 1/32 finals knocked out Ann Lee 2-0 from the tournament in batches. Sofia played well, she is a very talented tennis player, even if she does not always have enough endurance, but she knows how to play not only from an attack position but also from an opponent. In 1 game – “easy walk” for Sofia, 3 breaks on her account and 6:1 in the end. In the second game, Sofia led 3-0, lost her serve in the middle of the game, but successfully completed the set, and with it the match with a score of 6:3.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Over the past five matches, Kenin has lost twice. Sofia can be defeated with a coefficient of 2.91
  • The last two defeats of Kenin were 0-2. You can bet Shuai Zhang with a score of 2:0 for 4.50
  • Two years ago, tennis players have already held one personal game, which took place at a tournament in Indian Wells. Then the Chinese woman easily beat the American with a score of 2:0

Shuai Zhang vs Sofia Kenin Prediction

Who else but Shuai Zhang knows how to beat American tennis players? Only in this draw of the Australian Open, a Chinese woman has already figured out twice with representatives of the United States. The first flew out Stevens, and then McNeilly. Of course, the Chinese woman would like Kenin to fly out, but here it is already unknown.