Follow the Tennis match between Serena Williams and Christina McHale live. The match starts at 00:00 on 09 January 2020. Our live coverage lets you follow all the key moments as they happen.

Serena Williams

Serena quite confidently began the new season, because she literally scoffed at Georgie and did not even give the Italian the slightest chance of success. What I liked most was how confidently the representative of the United States filed, as she still does not even feel resistance from her rivals on the first ball. There were at least problems in the draws, because Camila hardly got into the court, constantly beat outs and was noticeably nervous, despite the fact that they had already played with each other many times. Williams again in the offseason gained a lot of excess weight, so it will be interesting to see further how it will be displayed on its speed and endurance. After all, the match against Georgie ended in an hour, and the American was already tired and had serious shortness of breath. Recently, Serena gave a big interview where she said that she used to be too nervous in the finals of the TBS because she really wanted to win the title and equalize with Margaret Court. Now she has overcome all her nerves and is sure that there will be more chances. However, everything will be visible on the Australian Open, where Williams is the main contender for the title.

Christina McHale

McHale is already 27 years old and now we can safely say that she was unable to live up to her expectations. After all, the tennis player prophesied a lot, as a result, Kristina can boast of one single title, which she managed to win back in 2016. Just after that, there was a recession and it lasted about two years. The representative of the United States first lost her place in the top 100, and then for a long time went to budget ITF tournaments, but she could not show anything there either. Everything changed last season, because McHale pulled herself together, won the prestigious ITF and gained confidence in their own abilities. Then the tennis player returned to the WTA tournaments, where she performed extremely unstable, with constant changes, but still returned to the top 100. It is worth noting that Christina stands out for her versatility, as she is able to give up her rivals, confidently play on the backline. On a regular basis, the American practices exit to the net, but processes only the riding balls and successfully breaks from smash. Can McHale catch up?

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players met three times on the court, all three victories were won by Serena Williams.

Serena Williams vs Christina McHale Predictions

In the upcoming match, one thing is clear, McHale is definitely not worse than Georgie, because it is almost impossible to do. You can and should play against such Williams. To do this, it is necessary to eliminate unforced errors and keep the ball in the court, but just not interrupt the racket, but chase the American on the court, punching under the very backline. Therefore, Christina can show her teeth and gain games.