Secret, on April 21 at 12:30 (UTC), will find out the relationship with Hard Legion, and our resource will give a prediction for this fight. Will the Russians show a decent game?


Team Secret recently replaced Happy with Percy and things went a little better than before. The team over the past five matches was defeated only by Winstrike (1:2), but in meetings with Singularity (2:1), AGO Esports (2:0) and even Illuminar (2:0) celebrated success. It can be seen that the Sikrites feel most confident on the Inferno and Mirage maps, where they spent most of their fights.

Hard Legion

Hard Legion were not in good shape and earned three defeats in a row, after which they defeated over Espada (2:0) and Nemiga (2:1). The Russians, unlike their rival, have been playing together for a long time, but they have not yet been able to achieve significant results. Recall that the highest Hard Legion winrate is on the Train map (67%). The most productive player according to statistics in the lineup is Forester with a rating of 1.12.


  • Hard Legion have won the last two matches
  • Secret lost in the year before the fight Winstrike
  • The last meeting of the CIS team held with a total of 2.5 more

Secret vs Hard Legion Prediction

Secret show good results, they still need more time to play with their new player. Hard Legion left the line of failures, so they can be considered the favorite of the upcoming fight. Based on this, we bet on their win.

  • Our prediction: Hard Legion win

Secret vs Hard Legion live stream

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