On Saturday March 7, as a part of a boxing evening in Manchester, there will be a 12-round rating fight in the second featherweight title between boxer from England Scott Quigg and Irishman Jono Carroll. This fight was supposed to take place last autumn, but due to an injury, Quigg was postponed to a later date. Should the visitors wait for knock out? – Check our prediction.

At what time Scott Quigg and Jono Carroll fight?
The fight time is March 7, 2020, at 18:00 GMT.

Where to watch the fight?
Sky Sports, DAZN.

How many wins and losses Quigg have?
Scott Quigg has 35 wins and 2 losses.

How many wins and losses Carroll have?
Jono Carroll has 17 wins and 1 loss.

Scott Quigg

The 31-year-old boxer representing England is one of the most popular British boxers. Second featherweight is the fourth category for Quigg. WBA champion belt he owned in the second bantamweight, and also held several successful defenses of this title. The victory over Jono Carroll will allow Quigg to break into the TOP according to one version.

As a professional, Scott Quigg made his debut in 2007. His first opponent was Gary Sheil, who was defeated by unanimous decision. The Englishman won his first title (WBA Intercontinental Champion in the second bantamweight) in the twentieth match, knocking out the Argentine Santiago Allione. Then Quigg became the owner of a full-fledged WBA belt, defeating Randall Munroe by knockout, and subsequently held six successful defenses of this title.

With a track record of 31 victories and two draws, Scott Quigg unified with another popular Briton Carl Frampton. That fight ended with the victory of Frampton by a separate decision of the judges and, as a result, Quigg lost the championship belt. The Englishman’s next entry into the ring took place in featherweight and immediately brought Quigg a secondary WBA International belt. It took him nine rounds to knock out Mexican Jose Cayetano. The second and so far last defeat in his career, Scott Quigg suffered from Oscar Valdez in March 2018. And the English boxer held the last match in October of the same 2018, knocking out Mario Briones.

Scott Quigg is a right-handed boxer with a powerful knockout punch. The Englishman has a large percentage of early victories – both after one-time hits, and after the stoppage of the battle according to the decision of the referee. Quigg was a real killer in the junior divisions, but in the second featherweight he will be opposed by larger and stronger rivals. By the standards of the flymen, Quigg is no longer young, and moreover, his injuries left him outside the ring for more than a year. It should be noted the strong jaw of an English boxer. He has never lost in his career ahead of schedule and is unlikely to fall in the upcoming match.

Jono Carroll

27-year-old Irish boxer nicknamed King Kong (real name Jonathan Beresford) can not boast as high popularity as his future rival. Nevertheless, Carroll managed to establish himself as a strong, moderately technical and persistent boxer. Throughout his professional career, Jono performed in the second featherweight category, without attempting to climb 61.2 kg or higher. The Irishman comes along the IBF line, where he occupies the eighth line, and a hypothetical victory over Quigg will become a weighty bid for a new title fight.

Carroll has been performing professionally since 2012, and two years later he took part in the Prizefighter tournament and became its winner. The first belt (IBF Europe) Jono won in the 14th match in a row pro, and in the next fight he added the IBF Inter-Continental champion title to his champions list. In December 2018, the Irishman drew a fight against the French boxer Guillaume Frenois. Three and a half months later, King Kong got a chance to challenge the IBF full title. But the 12-round duel against American Tevin Farmer was lost by an unanimous decision. Jono spent his last fight in August last year, defeating Mexican Eleazar Valenzuela on points.

Jono Carroll is a natural second-featherweight fighter. The Irishman is boxing in the left-handed stance, which always makes it uncomfortable for many rivals. King Kong does not have a powerful one-time punch, relying on his technique and stamina. Of the seventeen victories won in the pro ring, only three were premature. In addition, Carroll is not a tall boxer with a long attack distance. His element is mid-range work. Like his future opponent, Carroll has never lost in his career ahead of schedule.

Scott Quigg vs Jono Carroll Prediction

The favorite of the upcoming battle is the Englishman Quigg. He surpasses his opponent in technical equipment, and also has greater knockout power – even despite the fact that Quigg previously played in lighter divisions. In addition, the Englishman is taller, and this adds him an additional trump card in the form of an effective jab. The main drawback of Jono Carroll is the lack of a knockout blow. In the confrontation with the technical and hardy Quigg, this factor can be so bad for the Irish.

  • We predict a victory of Scott Quigg.