Roulette Casinos

Classic roulette is well-known kind of entertainment, since it was developed many years ago and even for today attracts a substantial number of people from every corner of the world. And this is fascinating, that today, if you want to find out, how lucky you are, you do not have to leave your home to enter to a particular office and play there, because many betting companies provide you with a possibility to play just from your bed. How does it work? Should I try to play? What types of roulette exist? Find out in our article.

The essence of the game 

The player places his chips on the playing field. After the end of bets, the roulette wheel begins to spin and the ball starts in the opposite direction to the roulette wheel. Then, after the ball stops, the winning option is announced, and the players receive payments. First of all, the most risky bets are paid (number, split, etc.) and ends with “chances” – bets on color, odd / even, first 18 or second 18).

Rules of the game

European roulette in a casino is a standard type of gambling entertainment, which has nothing especially in the rules and is quite accessible to everyone. The following points can be attributed to the rulebook:

  • players are provided with a standard field with a large number of positions;
  • there is a “Zero” and the ability to bet on it;
  • even and odd fields are available for use, as well as a difference in color;
  • The main distinguishing feature in the game of European roulette is a variety of combination bets that allow you to take several cells at once and try to win;
  • Another interesting point is that you can win in any case, although not the entire amount that you bet, but at least part of it, since even 1 digit of your combination can generate income if it correlates with the scroll result.

As you can see, the basic rules of European roulette are reduced exclusively to bets. When you start playing you will immediately see a whole table of names of bets. This will allow you to pre-determine the available directions and immediately start planning. And to understand how to win at European roulette, you need not only patience and risk appetite, but also the correct use of combinations to win.

Bid level

Now it remains to understand how to beat European roulette in an online casino. There is no specific strategy and scheme; it is enough to simply accumulate experience and knowledge in order to personally conduct calculations and try to come up with schemes. In this case, you can also actively use the variation of bets to boldly manipulate the playing field and try to increase your winnings. The following points are related to the bet features of this variety of roulettes:

  • minimum rate is 50 euros;
  • the maximum bid reaches a value of 500 euros;
  • there are no restrictions in terms of bets; you can bet on all or certain positions;
  • each position has a certain level of bets, be sure to consider this moment and calculate your capabilities;
  • be sure to use the available combinations in bets to predetermine a wider range of probability of winning in advance;
  • remember that if several of your cells wins at once, then you can significantly increase your winnings.

Now you have basic information regarding this type of roulette. It is not very different from the standard, but it has a whole list of features. It remains only to note the pleasant visual style and atmosphere of the game project, which significantly improves the overall mood and allows you to enjoy the favorable result of your activity without any problems. We only have to wish you success and remind that all the information provided is just the top of the big iceberg. 

Features of honest control in online casinos

Fair play in online casinos is definitely the main industry problem. And the gambling industry leaders are those offices that can most convincingly prove to their customers that “decks are not charged” and roulette is not twisted. If even live casinos manage to deceive their customers, then the deception can be turned off when the player is on the other side of the monitor and does not see the whole process. It is worth noting that the honesty of the casino lies not only in the randomness of the game process, but also in the payment of all amounts due to the player.

However, are all online casinos equally honest with their customers? Far from it. There are many one-day casinos that do not care about their reputation, and their main goal is to maximize their own revenue for a certain period. Therefore, when choosing an online casino, it is worth giving preference to proven offices that have been working on the excitement market for more than a year. They constantly strive to become the best in this field, and therefore do not allow themselves to deceive customers, because the reputation is above all.

But how in practice can an online casino prove that it is honest with its customers? Firstly, most offices provide players with information about the last played distributions in card games, as well as about the latest numbers played in roulette. With this information, the player himself can easily see whether his casino is cheating or not, whether the numbers correspond to mathematical expectations. Secondly, the casino provides the client with complete information about all transactions completed in order to avoid balance issues. But that is far from all.

What determines the outcome of a casino event? Naturally, from software. It is the software that generates a set of random variables, which are eventually converted into cards on the gaming table and the dropped numbers on the roulette wheel. The most reputable online casinos use software from leading manufacturers. At the moment, these are PlayTech, Bossmedia, Microgaming and some others. These companies also monitor their reputation and in no case will sell their software to crooks.

Still not convincing? In this case, it is worth saying that the most honest online casinos periodically conduct audits. They attract third-party organizations that connect their server to the casino server and receive all the data on the games for a certain period of time. Based on these data, calculations are made that allow us to conclude that the casino is honest with respect to its customers. These data are usually published on the official website of the online casino.

Well, for the most incredulous, there is a verification method that proves 100% the honesty of online casinos. This revolutionary method is called the MD5 signature. Using this technology, the casino before the start of the game transfers the final data to the client. After the game is over, the gambler can check whether the final results correspond to what the casino gave him before the start of the distribution or spin. In addition, some casinos suggest that the client himself influence the results of the distribution by entering any characters in the encrypted information. Of course, this method proves the exceptional honesty of online casinos.

What roulette options can be found on the Internet?

Great news for players – you can find all kinds of roulette under one virtual roof. In the United States, you will most likely find only American roulette with double zero. In European gaming clubs you will feel the excitement of the most popular European roulette. Well, what about the Internet? You will find all kinds of roulette, including European, American and French. And all this on one of your favorite gambling site.

What is a welcome bonus and can I play online roulette on it?

Competition for the attention of players between different gambling establishments leads to the fact that they need to somehow stand out against all this background. The best online roulettes offer new players free money for registration, from which you can benefit. This is called welcome bonuses, and they are designed to increase your balance. Bonuses are not given out once. You must continue to play online to redeem your bonuses in a real account.

Well, that seems to be all we wanted to say here. Throw the ball on the roulette wheel and win.