The fight between two fighters from South Africa will be shown in Prelim Card of EFC. Is Cole an underdog? Get our free prediction.

At what time Kena and Henning fight?
The fight time is March 14, 2020, Prelim Card Starts at 17:30 CAT.

Where to watch the fight?
Fight Sport, EFC TV, Super Sport, Sabc Sport

How many wins and losses Kena have?
Rodrique Kena has 4 wins and 3 losses.

How many wins and losses Henning have?
Cole Henning has 1 wins and 1 losses.

Statistics and physical data

  Rodrique Kena Cole Henning
Age 31 26
Weight 155 LBS 155 LBS
Height 5’1″ (1.77 m) 5’7″ (1.74 cm)
Reach 74,88″ (192 cm) 70,47″ (179 cm)
Number of fights 7 3
Wins 4 1
Defeat 3 1

Rodrique “The Trigger” Kena

31 years old professional fighter from South Africa. Kena has nice head hunting KO power and physical power.

Rodrique won his last fight with Elvis Ngwalangwala on 10 August 2019 by knockout. This meet was on EFC 81. Before that he lossed to Saxon Delafield. The Trigger has 4 wins and 3 losses in his career.

Now this MMA fighter has good conditions to get new victory.

Cole “The Hitman” Henning

26 years old MMA fighter from South Africa. Henning has excellent submissions, he is powerful and aggressive.

Last fight he lossed to Pope Djembo on April 13 in 2015. This fight was on EFC 44. From that time he didn’t fight as professional. The Hitman has only 1 won in his career.

After a long break Cole will show what he has today and demonstrate his conditions.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Henning come back as pro after near 5 years break.
  • Henning lossed his last fight.
  • Kena won his last fight.
  • Kena has more experience.

Kena vs Henning Prediction

After such a huge break, Henning will be difficult psychologically. It’s not clear in what form he is now. Since 2013, Henning has become a professional, but only 3 times entered the ring. Kena is definitely more likely to win. He has more experience and is more faster.

  • Our prediction: Rodrique Kena Will Win.

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