Marton Fucsovics became one of the main headliners of the past Australian Helmet. Hungary reached the fourth round, and along the way sensationally knocked out Denis Shapovalov and Yannick Sinner. In the end, he even managed to win the starting game against Roger Federer, but Marton did not have enough for more. In Rotterdam, he starts the match against Roberto Bautista Agut, who in the third round of the AO was stopped by Marin Cilic in five games. In general, the Spaniard has complete order with the current form, because at the ATP Cup he beat all his rivals, having brought Spain six victories.
Bautista Agut not the best way held the Australian Open. After all, the tennis player throughout the tournament looked inexpressive and made mistakes that were unusual for himself. Therefore, he did not defend his glasses and lost his place in the top 10.
Will the Spaniard be able to catch up?

At what time does the Roberto Bautista Agut vs Marton Fucsovics play?
The game time is February 10, 2020, at 01:30 PM (UK time).

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Roberto Bautista Agut takes the 12th positions and Marton Fucsovics takes the 66th position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Roberto Bautista Agut have?
Roberto Bautista Agut has won 64% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Marton Fucsovics have?
Marton Fucsovics has won 62% of the games as a favorite.

Roberto Bautista Agut

Bautista Agut, although it occupies the 12th line in the ATP rating, but when it meets with players at the top 100 level, there is no “breakthrough in the class” between them. All for the reason that the Spaniard acts softly on the court, tries to play on the counterattack from the opponent, and this is not always the case.

In addition, Roberto does not have a powerful pitch and you can “cut it off” at any time, you just have to play confidently at the reception. The main weapon of Bautista Agut is his speed of movement on the court. But the problem is that he is already 31, and if we take into account injuries, then this cannot, will not appear on his body.

Marton Fucsovics

Fucsovics stands out for his perseverance and fighting character. But Marton is an extremely straightforward player and even before going to court everyone knows how he will act and what can be expected from him. The representative of Hungary builds his game through stable actions in the draws.

The only problem is if an opponent comes out who is faster than Fucsovics and holds the ball more confidently, then he cannot demonstrate anything else on the court. Marton has neither a powerful serve, nor strong blows.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • Previously, tennis players did not meet on the court.
  • Marton Fucsovics won the last three of his four matches.
  • Roberto Bautista Agut finished the last six of his seven matches on Total Under (21.5).


Fucsovics is a convenient rival for Bautista Agut. After all, Marton plays in the same rhythm, does not have strong blows to dictate his own rules. And in all aspects of the game, Roberto’s advantage is from the pitch, ending with the game on the back line. Therefore, Bautista Agut will triumph.

Roberto turned into a grandmaster who does not fall below a certain level even on his worst day, so he will not fall out of the top 20 in the near future, and maybe he will compete for a ticket to the Final.

Fucsovics is clearly weaker than Agut in terms of tactical training and is only slightly superior in physical strength. In this combination, the Spaniard enters this match with the maximum confidence in his abilities, because he is a full versatile person and good at any surface.

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