Quarter Final Montpellier. So in this match on the court will be the favorite of the French public, Richard Gasquet. Gasquet pleasantly surprises at the home tournament.

After all, he did not perform for two months, but this did not prevent the Frenchman from breaking into the quarterfinals. It should be noted that today during the match with Lopez Richard got a leg injury, will he be able to fully recover for the fight against Pospishil?

At what time does the Richard Gasquet Vasek Pospisil play?
The game time is Febuary 07, 2020, at 02:20 PM (UK time)

What are player’s positions in ATP rankings?
Richard Gasquet takes the 58th positions and Vasek Pospisil takes the 132nd position in ATP Tour Rankings.

How many wins and losses do the Richard Gasquet have?
Richard Gasquet has won 65% of games as a favorite.

How many wins and losses does the Vasek Pospisil have?
Vasek Pospisil has won 65% of the games as a favorite.

Richard Gasquet

In recent years, Gasquet has been fighting injuries. After all, only he heals one damage, as soon as something new comes out. Therefore, the tennis player falls lower and lower in the ranking and hardly competes in the round. Do not forget that Richard wields a one-handed backhand, but because of this the Frenchman is extremely dependent on playing practice.

At the moment, Gasquet is just starting the season, and it is difficult to expect anything concrete from him, because age and injuries negatively reflected on his physical condition (he can no longer boast of his former leg work, stamina).

It is clear that initially everyone had a lot of questions about the shape of the Gascon, but they were all removed. The French maestro did not feel any really serious problems in the fight with compatriot Gilles Simon, and in a duel with Feliciano Lopez, not losing a single game on his pitch, won a strong-willed victory after he allowed the Spaniard to win the first set in a tiebreaker . In general, Richard Gasquet pleased the game, which could be the key to success in the home tournament.

Vasek Pospisil

Pospisil in no way can decide what he wants from his career. After all, for some time the Canadian was completely focused on doubles. Then he returned alone. At the moment, Vasek acts with an incredible mood, but it is extremely unstable. He can hold one match at the highest level, and the next day with difficulty breaking the ball through the net. And with this trend, it is difficult to claim high positions in the ranking.

Honestly, I was one of those who, before the start of the tournament, didn’t particularly believe in Vasek’s success on the French courts, since last month a tennis player from Canada sensationally failed the start of the AO, when in 3 sets he lost to the veteran of the tour Ivo Karlovich. In Montpellier, everything is completely different and the Canadian demonstrates his best game, which is ideal for matches in the halls, but there is one thing. The Canadian easily outplayed both Aliyazh Bedene and Denis Shapovalov, who, in fact, simply defeated him, and here there is one thing but. Vashek is really good now, but don’t think about taking seriously the pogrom of the young compatriot, since there was no close resistance.

Betting Tips Statistics

  • In the full-time confrontation, a draw: with a score of 2-2. Gasquet won his last personal meeting with a score of 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 4 in 2015. The match was held at Masters in Shanghai on hard.
  • Richard Gasquet won the last two of his two matches.
  • Vasek Pospisil last two of his three matches completed in two sets.


In the upcoming match, Gasquet is a favorite. I wrote to younger Gasquet for four years. The Canadian is already 30 years old, although he is still perceived as young. Vasek also went through many injuries that prevented his talent from developing. I wrote it a little worse than Raonic on skill, but their results differ strikingly. Washek is great this week. He beat Bedene and Shapovalov without losing a set, so the favorite comes out for the match against the French veteran quite deservedly.

It is difficult to push off from personal meetings, because they were very long ago, so you need to look at the last matches of both. They talk about the noticeable advantage of the Canadian. But he spent a lot of energy and energy in two matches, and against Lopez complained of pain in his leg. Therefore, it is difficult to even imagine what can be expected from the Frenchman. I wrote that he was surprised at this tournament, he caught courage and confidently moves in the tournament bracket. Due to the filing, the Canadian will definitely impose a fight.

Our prediction – Vasek Pospisil will win

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