Real Money Slots

Due to their extremely easy to play principle and the very high winning possibilities, slot machines are still the most frequently played games of chance – both in conventional gaming libraries and in modern online casinos. How can you play online slots for real money and what are the differences between online and offline play? How is a fair and safe gaming process guaranteed on the Internet? What do real money slots players on the Internet have to be aware of? This website answers these and many other questions about Internet slot machine play with real stakes.

Where can I find the best real money slot machines online?

There is no other casino game with a greater choice of different game variations than slot machines. In the question of which is probably the best slot casino for real money slot machines, it depends entirely on which slot machine games you prefer. If you switch from gambling libraries to online gaming, you will first look for the slots of the manufacturers Merkur or Novoline, but the Internet has much more to offer – many different games from over 50 manufacturers and above all, a lot of big jackpots!

The 4 most popular slot machines

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

Mega Fortune is the Guinness record holder for the biggest online jackpot. As you can see from the statistics above, the Mega Fortune jackpot slot is extremely popular. It is growing at around 60,000 USD per day and regularly reaches millions before it is cracked. However, the chance of this is not so bad, as it doesn’t take much longer on average than the biggest Playtech slot Beach Life, but the average payouts are more than twice as big. To make the big roll in this real money slot machine, you first need to get three bonus symbols (the wheel of fortune) on one payline. In the subsequent bonus game, the outer of the three rings of the wheel of fortune starts. There you can win 100 to 300 times the bet or use the arrow to start the middle ring. This ring allows winnings between 300x and 700x and another arrow switches the game to the inner ring where you can win between 2500 and 7500x the bet or the big jackpot.

Book of Ra – The gaming library hit 

Book of Ra is the real money slot machine hit. The machine hit can also be played on the Internet and offers other advantages. First of all, not only Book of Ra and Book of Ra deluxe are playable, but also all the slots known from the game libraries. These are available around the clock and can even be tried out for free. Most importantly, however, the payout odds of these slots are much better on the Internet than in the gambling den around the corner. While the odds there are often only between 60 and 70 percent, which is noticeable by the fact that money is quickly lost and hardly anything is won, the payout rates on the net are well over 90 percent. That means more winnings and fewer losses for you. 

Monopoly Slot

The Monopoly Slot has a unique bonus round. The world famous board game is of course also available as a slot machine. The game has become so popular mainly because of its extraordinary bonus game. The graphics of the actual slot do not look very impressive, but they stick to the simple graphical style of the game. But the entertaining bonus game is more fun than any other slot! First of all, you have to click on one of the bonus symbols to see how many throws you get for the bonus round. Then the first roll of the dice and your character will move across the board. Depending on which field you land on, you will either get paid by using a mini-slot machine to determine the value of the road, or one of the community and event fields will give you extra payouts or let you move forward. If you pass once, all subsequent winnings are doubled. One of the few online casinos that offer the Monopoly Slot is the 888 Casino.

Double Triple Chance

The most popular 3 reel slot with no free spins or bonus rounds. Unlike all other real money slot machines presented here, the Double Triple Chance is the only slot with only 3 reels and 5 paylines. The theme of this slot covers the classic fruit symbols such as melon, cherry or plum. There are also gems, bells and the 77 for the big payouts. A special thing is the Rewin feature, which takes effect when all 9 symbols on the reels consist of the same symbol. This not only gives you a big payout on multiple paylines, but also the possibility to get paid up to six more times. To do this, the running light of the Rewin feature must remain on a green field instead of a red one. The very simple game principle and the very high payout of 96% (in game libraries it is much lower with this machine!) make this game so popular online.

Download or flash games? 

It’s all about speed!

If you are wondering today whether you should use the download software of a casino for real money slots or whether you should use Flash instant play in your browser, there is essentially only one thing to consider: the speed of your internet connection. Qualitatively the two options don’t take anything away from each other, so you just have to decide whether you take the time to install the software once and then benefit from faster loading times or whether you just call up the game in the browser for convenience. If you have a fast internet connection, the loading times for the games are hardly noticeable. However, if your connection is not that good, we recommend that you install the download.

  • for connections up to 1Mbit/s use download if possible
  • for connections over 1Mbit/s the loading times of the instant games are sufficiently low
  • always use WiFi connections and native apps for mobile devices if possible

This is especially the case with smartphones and tables if you are not online via a WiFi connection and your provider’s connection is not the fastest and may even be limited in volume. However, the problem with mobile devices is that there is often no real app available for download, but the games have to be accessed in the browser. While for Android mobile devices apps are still most often available for download, things don’t look so good for iPhones and iPads. Nevertheless, support for iOS devices is still very good, while owners of Windows phones or Blackberrys can often only use the web application in the browser.

Real Money Online Slots with the best payout rate (RTP)

The payout rate (also called RTP = return to player) shows you what potential winnings you can expect from a slot machine game. Slots with higher payout rates are more popular because every player is looking to increase their chances of success by every possible bit. In addition to the payout rate, you should also pay attention to another piece of information: the volatility of the game. This provides information about the theoretical fluctuations in winnings over a longer period of time. This means that you can expect lower winnings more often in low-volatility slots, and higher volatility will tend to result in higher winnings, but with less frequency.

Apart from the listed slot machines, many slot games from the traditional manufacturers Novoline and Merkur also have payout rates of up to an outstanding 97%. These include classics such as Golden Sevens from Novoline or Joker’s Cap from Merkur. Also the Slot Sizzling Hot from Novoline can keep up well with an RTP value of 95.66%. Unfortunately, the slot machines of these renowned developers are currently only available in land-based casinos and gaming libraries in this country.

The three most important tips for higher profits

If you decide to try one of our best real money slot casinos, you should still be well prepared. That’s why we’ve put together three valuable tips for playing for real money:

Progressive wagering strategy:

A popular tip for optimizing winnings is to constantly increase the bet amount per payline when no big payout or free spins have been won for a while. You start with the lowest limit and increase the value by one step when nothing else has happened for 50 games except a few small wins. If you then get a bigger payout on higher stakes, the winnings compensate for the stakes paid so far much more than if you were playing continuously with the same stake. However, this strategy has its pitfalls because of the high variance of the slot machines, if a really long time no large payouts come.

Play machines with the best payout rates:

The payout percentage is often neglected. However, this determines how much of the stakes are paid out to the players on average. Online, this value is usually over 90%, but only the best slot machines have a payout rate of over 95%. Gaming libraries, on the other hand, often only pay out 60-70% of all stakes. The slot machines with the highest payout rates can currently be found at young casino operators who want to use them to attract new customers. Click here to learn more.

It’s important to note that Jackpot Slots has a slightly lower expectation of winning than all other slots. The lower percentage value is due to the fact that a portion of the bets go into the jackpot. However, since the jackpot is of varying size, this win is left out of the calculation of the total expected winnings.

Plays only the extra large jackpots:

An important tip for slot machine players is that you should only play for jackpots that have not been cracked for a relatively long time. How large this period is always depends on the respective real money slot machine and its winning probabilities, as you can see in the following paragraph. The background is that there is a certain probability of winning the jackpot. Together with the stake, this results in a certain expectation of winning just under 100%. However, if the jackpot has grown large enough, this expectation of winning will rise above 100% for you. However, it is difficult to determine the exact amount, because you would need the exact probability of winning the jackpot to calculate it. For clues and examples of when the jackpots will reach an above-average size and be “overdue”, see the next section on Progressive Jackpot Slots. If a jackpot rises above the average win value, this jackpot slot will become interesting for you.

Why you should deposit for online slots with PayPal or Skrill?

If you want to deposit online at casinos, of course security plays a big role: the security of your personal data as well as bank details, credit card details and even passwords. Everything that is transmitted on the Internet can potentially be intercepted. Therefore, the modern Internet accounts of PayPal or Skrill are particularly well suited for deposits and withdrawals, since transactions of this kind do not even need to transfer data. Also the paysafecard is a possible alternative, because you don’t have to reveal your bank details when you deposit. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the payment options offered before you register.

Of course, sensitive data must also be transferred at some point, and this can never be completely avoided. When using these virtual wallets (or e-wallets), however, they will not get into the hands of third parties, but will always remain with PayPal/Skrill.

Advantages and disadvantages of slots compared to other casino games


  • faster playing speed
  • higher payouts possible
  • higher entertainment value
  • no strategies/knowledge necessary
  • Bonuses generally valid for all slots
  • huge game selection


  • lower profit expectation
  • higher addiction potential
  • little demand, just click Spin
  • no live game available

The game principle of slot machines could not be simpler. All you have to do before the game starts is decide how many paylines you want to play with and how much you want to bet on each line. Now all you have to do is press the start button to start a spin, or you can choose to auto-play up to 100 games. While roulette is relatively simple because it does not require any strategic considerations, in video poker or blackjack it is very important how you decide to play the game.

The undisputed advantage of real money slot machines is the possibility of winning a huge amount of money, especially when playing the jackpot slots, where you can win millions, while Craps, casino poker games or the classics of roulette and blackjack only have fixed payouts. Meanwhile, the entertainment factor of slots games does not come from the sophisticated game principle, but from the graphic design of video slots. These come along with video animations, small video clips and interesting bonus rounds.

The real money slot machine games also have a few disadvantages compared to the classic games like roulette or blackjack. Not only are none of the popular live games available for slots yet (the live casino provider Evolution Gaming had already experimented with them), but the potential for gambling addiction is also highest at the slot machine games for real money. No matter which game you choose, you should be well informed about the best real money online casinos on our homepage.

Frequently asked questions about real money slot machines

In this section we answer the most common questions that online casino players usually ask about real money slots games.

How can I recognize the best Real Money Slots Casino?
Of course, the predicate “the best” is a highly subjective evaluation. Especially given the fast pace of developments on the Internet. For the fans of slot machines, of course, there are some additional factors to consider. This would be, for example, the real money bonus offered, the general selection and variety of games, the playability on mobile apps, the payment options or the largest jackpots.

Which slot games are the best?
To answer this question, you need to have a lot of experience with different slot machines. Usually, however, you can use values such as the payout rate and volatility. Many players have a preferred game developer for this. Also, don’t forget the welcome bonus, which is usually perfect for real money online slots. All this is taken into account when we select the top 5 real money slots for you.

Which online slots can I play for real money best
Usually slot fans are looking for slot machines with that certain something. Another superstition concerns the hot and cold machines. Unfortunately, technical development and modern random number generators have made such approaches obsolete.

Which slot machine gives the most money?
There is simply no guarantee that an online slot will give you real money winnings. However, you can improve your chances by playing wisely and looking at all available information such as RTP values and volatility.

Can I make money on slot machines?
Of course you can. Of course, your luck is still the deciding factor. However, you are guaranteed a basic chance of winning – if you play in a secure and licensed online casino. If your casino provider has a gambling license from a regulatory authority, the theoretical chances of winning are also certified for real money slots and other real money games. The same applies if you choose the best real money slots app for mobile gaming on the go.

Which real money games are the most popular?
Slots are currently among the most popular online casino games all around the world. According to current surveys, in 2019 slot machines will enjoy a huge lead in popularity over other categories of games. Of course this does not automatically make all slots for real money the best casino games. Finally, compared to other casino games, slot machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. For us slot machine fans, however, these are the ultimate!