Razz Poker

Razz is a type of poker in which a player at the table is dealt 7 cards in his hands, out of 5 it is required to form a winning set.

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It should be emphasized that when drawing up a winning set, the presence of duplicate cards of the same rank is unacceptable. If on hands, for example, K-8-8-4-4-4-2-2, then, in fact, from this set you can only make a combination of poker with 4 cards. The highest combination in this type of poker is represented by the Ace set – 2-3-4-5. Card suits in razz poker are absolutely equal.

At the moment when all the participants at the gambling table have formed combinations of five cards, it is time to compare the first cards. If they are equal, open the second and so on. Win belongs to the hand where the rank of the card that matches is lower.

All About Razz Poker Rules

The rules of the game of poker Razz should be mastered to everyone: this is a very entertaining pastime. The procedure and principle for making contributions to the bank, conducting trading, and setting the minimum bet fully coincide with the rules of the game in the 7-card Stud.

The course of the competition is as follows:

1. Each hand starts with ante in poker, the size of which is set initially. It’s important that through its introduction start-up capital is formed, that is, a bank.
2. Only after that the cards are distributed to the participants at the gambling table. Opponents get 3 cards each. Therefore, this tour is probably called the “third street”. An important feature that is not recommended to be overlooked: the rules of razz poker say that when this hand is played, the third card is dealt face-up.
3. Followed by bidding starting from the contribution of the bring-in. It’s made by the participant who has the weakest open card. It’s important to pay attention to the fact that this is the same case in Razz, when the suit plays a role. They have this order of importance: peaks, hearts, tambourines and crosses. The player with the weakest card has no right to ignore the bring-in and not to make a deposit. This participant can only decide what the fee will be (½ or the full minimum rate).
4. Further, the remaining players can make a move, following the order in the clock. At their own discretion, everyone decides for himself: fold, call or raise. The bidding round lasts until the bets are equal. The rules of the game of razz provide for increasing contributions only three times per round.
5. Then comes the “fourth street” round with the issuance by the dealer of another card in the open. The player with the most advantageous combination gets the right to be the first to execute the move: fold, check in poker or bet at his own discretion.
6. “Fifth and Sixth Streets” in Razz means giving players one more card in each round. The difference between these tours from the previous ones is that an extremely high limit of contributions is used in trade.
7. “Seventh Street” and the last open card, which doesn’t go for a full set of hands. It, like the first two, is hidden from the eyes of opponents.
8. The final round of bidding implies opening cards participating in the competition at the end. The one who paid last is the first to show the cards, and after him everything is in order. The bank in razz is taken by the one who formed the best low set.

A situation that rarely occurs in Razz poker and, nevertheless, occurs when 8 people reach the last round. At such a moment, the deck is not enough for everyone to get a card on their hands. Then one common is laid out on the table, which is applicable to form the combination of each player.

This is where the rules of razz poker are built.

Secrets of Razz Poker Win

Without fail, participating in the Razz contest, a player who wants to break the pot must adhere to the poker strategy. You can’t lose vigilance, but you need to carefully monitor the behavior of opponents, their reactions and even tells, mathematically calculate the likely combinations that the opponents form.

Fortune should be at its disposal with reasoned mathematical calculations, and not faith in a happy occasion. Therefore, you should “trick on the brain” from the moment you evaluate the starting combination. The action plan is as follows:

  • Carefully examine the cards that have been dealt when dealing with the button;
  • Get familiar with open cards from opponents at the table;
  • Compare whether other participants of the card have paired yours (its presence reduces the chances of getting an identical card of the same rank in the final rounds, which, of course, is an advantage);
  • To remember during the course of the competition cards that have left the tournament, that is, not to be discounted from the participants ’accounts, who considered their further participation futile and dropped out of the game.
  • You shouldn’t lose sight of the moment when your opponents also watch you and see open cards that drop out. If a player comes across promising, strong cards, and he leads the game confidently and aggressively: this can significantly alert opponents who may decide that they shouldn’t take risks and fold. Such a line of behavior in Razz is not entirely true, because, having really good poker chances of success, you can finally form a winning combination, but the bank will be small, because many participants recognize the threat in a timely manner and drop out.
  • It’s not enough to learn the rules of razz. It is necessary to subtly feel the game and each participant, constantly analyze and compare, not give vent to emotions and, without any doubt, be able to bluff poker in a quality manner. Here he is Razz poker.

Razz Poker Strategy

So, we will consider useful strategies and solutions in certain situations:

Choose a good start

It will not work to give guarantees, but nevertheless, it is customary to consider any combination of different cards below seven (seven inclusive) as a good starting hand, among which there are no pairs. Look at the opponent’s cards that you see. If you see a lot of cards that are younger than yours, then fold. If your cards are lower, but they are not perfect, then remember that your hand can still improve.

Odds count

Many poker players have a little idea about odds. You can see both open and discarded cards of opponents. Discarded cards are important information. Dead cards can’t affect your hand. Knowing what exactly is among the discarded cards will tell you which cards remained in the game. It’s very important to keep track of the remaining cards that are participating in the draw.

Accurate reads

In razz, as in any other form of poker, there is a psychological aspect. Good players skillfully make reads, while not letting others “read” themselves. Poker tells are not just cliches, and most people provide the exact information you need. Online tells are much more difficult to identify, but the more you observe and record, the higher the likelihood that you will notice them. Players are prone to acquiring gambling habits, and these habits are easy to identify if each time you play with the same group of people and progress.


If your cards are not so strong, play them. You probably won’t win, but skillful bluffing can make insecure players fold their cards. The main thing is not to abuse the bluff and do not change your behavior, otherwise the opponents will guess that you are bluffing.


You will play or lose, no matter how good or bad you are. Be polite in any situations.

Remember that one who has good self-control pays attention to details and understands the game. A good mix of tight and loose games with periodic bold moves is a good strategy to confuse your opponents. In order to constantly win poker, you need to arrange a performance and analyze the situation, and experience doesn’t always lead to win. Even professionals can be novices with a great understanding of games, psychology, benefits and odds.

In addition, a winning strategy is to attack blank cards. This is probably the best tip for this game.

Razz Tips

Starting hands: when you start without a position, without the ability to style, it is a good idea to stick to hands with 3 cards below 7 or better. In some cases, it may be lower than 8 or 9, it depends on the situation, the game and the level of competition.

Attack of checks: in razz, when a player catches a low card, he can check. Often, this is an instinctive reaction made by those who are multi-table or watch TV during the game. This is usually a clear sign that they have paired cards. Be careful about the idea of ​​a non-standard game in which the player checks with a good hand. This is not the best razz poker strategy, although some holdem players may not understand this. Be on the alert and record situations in which players slow-play, but in general, when an opponent checks – attack, attack, and attack again!

Stay away from troubles: in the limit razz, some players become stubborn and decide to continue after 5th street in the hope of catching something. After 5th Street, betting limits double, so if you have paired cards and you have caught the form, never be afraid to slow down or exit the deal. Although aggression is important in razz, you need to be careful, otherwise you can go too far.

Although not everyone considers Razz an exciting poker option, it is still a favorite for many. It is worth learning to play. Often at H.O.R.S.E. Razz is less popular, which means that a short training will help you get ahead of your opponents and tactics will make your game profitable.