Nadal follows the grid quite confidently as the Spaniard has already won three fights in the Australian Open, while not losing a single set. Kyrgios spent an exhausting match against Khachanov, which lasted more than 4 hours. Can the Aussie recover for the match against Raphael? Our prediction is here.

At what time will Rafael Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios play?
The game time is January 27, 2020, from 7:00pm AEDT.

What are players positions in ATP rankings?
Rafael Nadal is the leader of the ATP Tour Ranking and Nick Kyrgios takes the 26th position in it.

How many wins does Rafael Nadal have?
Rafael Nadal has won 83,2% of his games.

How many wins does Nick Kyrgios have?
Nick Kyrgios has won 63,4% of his games.

Rafael Nadal

At the moment, Nadal does not have any sorrow for himself, he tries to hold all the big tournaments and at the same time participate in the team competitions, where he is the leader of his team. But so far, the Spaniard can’t interrupt the dominance of Djokovic on the hards. Each of their personal meetings ends up with a failure for Raphael. If the Spaniard wants to get another victory in the Grand Slam tournament, then it is inevitable that they meet in the final of AO. It is for this reason that Raphael now needs to play in an energy-saving mode.

Nick Kyrgios

Only at the Australian Open you can see how Kyrgios running after each ball and not giving any opportunity to his opponents. The Australian has a crazy support from the stands and will do everything possible to live up their expectations. Before meeting with Khachanov, Nick looked very confident. But now the tennis player is extremely exhausted, he spent more than 4 hours on the court. Less than 24 hours left to recover for the match against Nadal.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • Tennis players know each other very well. After all, they had 8 fights between themselves.
  • The score is 4-4. It should be noted that their matches are principal, therefore they are often quite outrageous.

Rafael Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios Game Prediction

Of course, Kyrgios will fight, but Nadal understands what physical condition the Australian will be in and from the first seconds will begin imposing long strike exchanges. Nick will not be able to maintain such a pace, therefore, he would risk unreasonably which could end up with a huge number of mistakes. So Nadal would easily pass on. Our prediction is a win for Rafael Nadal.

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